Need some drivers suggested and how to get a hobby charger to do something odd.

I have 3 new XM-L MF 4.2v P60 drop-ins coming to upgrade a few of my lights, But when i pull the old drop-in's i want to mod them.

I need some drivers that will put out an honest 1.5A and another to do 1.0A, Unless you feel i can run the emitters harder.

XP-G = ?

R5 = 1.5A

Cree Q5 = 1.0A

Can you list what driver, And where to buy it that would be best for these and push them to a safe but high level as possible?

Lastly is the Hobby charger. I have a Hyperion EOS720i and im looking to get some of the below cells, But i have no clue on what setting would allow me to charge a Li-Ion cell too 4.35v? I know "Cottonpickers" usb charger will do it, But i dont want to invest in another charger.

Samsung 18650 ICR18650-30A 3000 Li-ion 3.7v Battery x2

[Code: SAM186503x2]


Nominal voltage : 3.75v

Capacity: 3000mAh (Min 2900mAh)

Charging Method CC-CV, 0.5C-4.35v

Recommend discharge current 0.2C

Discharge Termination Voltage: 2.75V

You don't say what kind of battery you will use (1,5 or 3,7) but i suppose you want to use Li-ion battery so this are my suggestion:

I think you can drive XPG (so also R5) at 1.4 and the best quality/price driver is this (it's 5 mode but you can mod it to have 3 mode H-M-L)

For a Q5 (XPE or XRE) 1A it's enough. There are many driver on DX:

It depends on what you need. You can find many driver based on 7135 also on KD.

For the charger i can't help you because i don't have a hobby charger but i don't understand why you want to overcharge the battery. 0,15V don't make a big difference in the output.

Thanks for the recommendations, Im really looking forward to getting some more power threw these drop-ins. Sorry i didn't give a cell type or voltage, But ill be using 18650 Li-Ion's and 4.2v max mostly. Im guessing my battery type will most dictate a direct drive driver, But is it possible to get one that boosts at 3.3v also?

I apologize about my lack of driver knowledge, But i gotta start somewhere.

Im just wanting to try the Samsung 3000 4.35v cell out as its specs do beat anything on the market, Its designed to run at this voltage also. Here is some tests and graphs and its individual test is almost all the way at the bottom.

XP-G = 1.4A -1.5A

R5 = 1.5A

Cree Q5 = 1.0A

So does that sound right? I almost hate ordering from DX as i just canceled two orders as it took so long for them to ship those orders i found better deals and some items id rather not fool with. But im in no hurry so if they have the best selection i want to try and get everything at one place.

Triker- I don't feel lucky at anything to do with flashlight modding when one light died of suspicious reasons and i killed a second drop-in trying to fix it when i forgot it was a 4.2v p60 and i put 4x AA into it. Gotta love the smell of the magic smoke!

But i don't like the low amounts of amperage some of my lights have with stock drop-ins.

Thanks for the help to both of you.

BTW Triker i bookmarked both of your links as your work is fantastic. But you never gave a source for the NANJG 101-AK-1A in the second link. But i bookmarked them to try and replicate the clean work you have done.

I went to school for EE about 20 years ago and came 1.5 quarters from graduating for dumb reasons. But i do know good work when i see it, And you are good!

My goal is to upgrade my pulls as i have 3 new MF XM-L drop-ins coming so i can keep some on hand for spares and maybe use one when i see a host at a great price.

Ill look at the 1.5A drivers then for the XP-G's.

I have no use in building my own drivers yet when i can get the MF XM-L's so cheap. Also KD has been getting a ton of "So called" 1300 lumen U2 drop-in's so i may have to try one of those if you haven't seen a review of one yet?

Mostly im doing this as "Busy work" I have alot of spare time on my hands.

"Edit" I just checked my "Ordered and in the mail flashlight and parts list" and i have 3 hosts coming and not enough drop-ins even if i use all my pulls.

[SKU:6606] 1 x Ultrafire WF-504B Flashlight Tube w/ Metal Bezel - Silver (No LED Emitter) = $8.12
[SKU:4838] 1 x Ultrafire WF-501A Flashlight Tube CR123 Mini P60 Host (No LED Emitter) = $5.89
[SKU:4593] 1 x Ultrafire WF-501B Flashlight Tube (No LED emitter) = $6.30

Any news on the 1300 lumen U2 at KD? As id like to try one out.

I didn't even realize i ordered so many hosts as i was just keeping track of complete lights mostly.

Also any info on the XM-l U2? its a single mode which i dont like so ill pass on this one.

Also on 3v-18v how do you know the best voltage to feed it? trial and error? Since id put it in a 4.2v or 8.4v max will that underdrive the light, Or does it have a boost circuit or knows how to run at max amps on a given voltage automatically?

The higher voltage would explain alot, But i feel the driver does only god knows what at other voltages. Thats why ive been afraid to try some of the 3v-18v drop-ins as id never know what i was getting. Id be scared to death to run 4x CR123 cells unless i kept a close eye on them as they tend to be one of the higher risk cells for vent w/flame issues.

That reminds me, I cant put a 4.2c XM-L into my Olight M20s with R5 unless i stop using 2x CR123 cells in it or ill smoke that expensive drop-in. I know ill forget it and do it! I think ill just put a good 1.5A driver on it as its barely pushing 1A now. Its the only light i have that uses those cells and i have 2 boxs of them (24) pieces.

But i could always order a new 4.2v 3A driver if i do forget and smoke it, But they cost almost half what the drop-in does.

1x KD 7135*4+MCU 1560mAh 5-Mode Circuit Board (5pcs) $13.71

2x Li-ion 1050mAh 7135 LED Regulated circuit (3 modes) $3.69

This should keep me busy and have enough drop-ins for the 3 hosts i have coming, Even tho im looking for another one to add to my cart before i place my order.

Yup, I have Battery University bookmarked from when i first started into flashlights. But that doesnt mean ive read it all or remember enough either.

That drive does look fun, Ill grab a few on my next order too DX.

Ive been looking at one light i own and its driving me nuts in how under powered it is from the driver.

BeamTech T6 Cree XM-LT6 5-Mode 850-Lumen (2 x 18650)

On high its only pulling 1amp, But ive seen very few 8.4v drivers that can do 3amps. One with good regulation like the Sky Ray 3800 puts out 3amps and a boost circuit that kicks in at 3.3v that pushs the amps upto 4amps would be perfect.

So if anyone has seen something like this lmk, Ill be looking for it tonight.

I also got my KD C8 in the mail today and this light kicks BUTT! head is a little large to be called a pocket light, But its close and 3.2amps at the tail make it tied with the Beamtech T6 as my second brightest light. But with a new driver for the BT i hope to get it close to my SR 3800's output like it should be for an XM-L light.

Your definitely right and i didn't see that, But that info came from a retail site and not the manufacturer.

In the link is the tests they did a 3 Amp and below was amazing, 5 Amp tests looked just ok. I think its a mistaken misprint of facts as if that were the case the cell never would have survived.

You got a good eye tho as i would have never caught that. Ill look for a PDF from Samsung if i do purchase them as it stands now i have no way to charge a cell that high.

I may have to try and ask over at CPF and try for an answer there, But ill most likley be told "Stop being cheap and buy Cottonpickers usb charger" But if what i own now wont do it i dont need them.