Need suggestions for 1500+ Lumen flashlight


I have been looking around for a 1500+ lumen flashlight for a few days now but cant decide on which one.

Could some of you make some suggestions?

Looking for good throw, less than $75. the less the better if the quality is still good.

Looks like the ones in this category use the 18650 battery, so suggestions on where and which ones would be nice.

What are your thoughts on the:

DRY 3xCREE XM-L T6 Cool White or

Fandyfire on dx ?

Or I don't own one. But from what I read it dosn't sound to bad.

sky ray 3*T6-850


Great input so far...Thanks!

I didnt know if it was ok to post links here, kinda gun shy from that other site.....

What to you think about this package deal since I dont already have any 18650's yet?

hehe that offer almost looks too good :o and with free shipping...!

OK, Its ordered.......the waiting begins :(

Just get some better batteries

Err...coughs...i'd advise that too. Like Trustfire Flames 2400mAh, pretty ok for the pair that i have. They did 45 mins on the SR3800.

Who has the best prices including shipping on those?

Are you talking about this one?

What about a single CREE XML T6 light that uses 1- 18650

Any suggestions or should I start another thread?


Yep, i purchased the exact same ones. BTW, why not 13.50 for a pair of XTAR 2600. They are protected Sanyos, capable of doing just below 4A before the PCB kicks in. (PCB is quite aggressive, most high quality cells do not kick in till well over 5A. Email Serene of szwholesale, they should still be at the same price for a pair, shipped but add $2 for registered mail.

+1 like 2100 says: i ordered 2 pair yesterday, they will be shipped today :)

Has anyone ordered from bestinone? how is there shipping time?

I know DX can take weeks to ship.

The XTARs worth the extra $3.5 over the flames

BIO is slow like crazy, about 3-4 weeks. But well worth the wait for their excellent generic IMRs, for very specialised applications.

Are these good deals on single emitter XML's?

They are ok if you like small sized flashlights.

If you are after performance and wanna stick to a budget, for for the Fandyfire STL-V6. If you are bothered by the name, go for the Sky Ray STL-V2. They are driven quite ok. I just measured the FF STL-V6, at 50m range, i got exactly 20.0 lux @ 50m, or 50k candela. This is a regulated light, so it stays at roughly the same brightness till it cuts off. The other single 18650 budget lights would start bright and then taper off in brightness as the voltage drops/cell drains off.

Pls do not get those charger + Ultrafire 18650 deals.

Trying to stay in the sub $25 range for the single emitter ~1K lumen.

What part of the charger + Ultrafire 18650 deals are bad?

The get the Kaidomain C8. Do a search here at BLF.