Need Suggestions on a Single 26650 Light...

...something with a newer emitter, throwy, and two-switch mode memory or side-switch.

Warsun X60?

Supfire L5 is great

Indeed. And if you replace the driver it even borders on excellent. Relatively speaking as always

Convoy X3, Yezl Y3

Shadow JM35 with XH-P50 should be the best thing nowadays. Pretty impressive they managed to drive that LED with a single cell. There’s also a MT-G2 version but you are after throw. I have not seen it in person tho, so please don’t take this as a review of sort.

The one thing to remember about the XHP50 is that, unlike the MT-G2, they’re not all good tints. And I’m guessing that, much like the XM-L2, the good tints generally aren’t used. So unless you are OKAY with cool white, the MT-G2 might be better.

Nitefighter F41C / Shadow JM07

This is true. I am a tint snob myself and should have mentioned that, thank you! :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s great if you knock out the thin aluminum slug (mcpcb shelf) and press in something thicker? That’s what mine had in it, from RMM. Go with the Yezl Y3! Integrated shelf add the extension if you want to mod it later MTG2/XHP70/50 or a little longer run time?

These are my top 26650 lights, specifically capable of running on a single 26650 cell:

DQG 26650 (Triple XP-G2):


The DQG designer recently updated his official site with mention of a possible revision, but the site has since gone offline and has been so for about 3 weeks:

Discount code for Banggood available from M4D M4X’s thread:

JohnnyMac Review:

Other info:

Shadow SL-3 (Triple XM-L2):


Reviews: /

Other info:

Shadow JM35 (MT-G2/XHP-50):

NEW revised edition - with dual-switch and extension tube.

Sellers (new version):

(Banggood email newsletter deal)

Sellers (old version):

Review (old version):

Good luck - hope the above is all useful. I'm sure you will enjoy whatever you decide to purchase. Please let us know how it goes.

Here is anAFF-link

Keep shining,


Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

What kind of beam range does the JM35 with XHP-50 have?

Site says only 200 meters max on the JM35/XPH-50, is that right? If you weren’t looking for the side switch I would suggest the Maxtoch M12 mission (dedomed) as it throws further than my Maxtoch M24 sniper, from what I understand, and that is some throw!!! I get 500 plus, yards out of the M-24 useable light on larger objects.

400yds/High mode

400yds/High Mode zoomed a bit

I was thinking of the M12 de-domed. Still can't decide. But no doubt, it is an awesome light.

I think I have decided on this one, the XHP-50 version...

Any satisfied owners out there?

But there are two on the site. Which is the best deal? The $41 or the $38? And which is the one with the dual switch?

I tried to represent this detail in my post above, but it might have been unclear...

Neither of the emitter versions from Gearbest, or any other supplier of the original models, had the dual switch (side switch & rear clicky). The rear is just a rubber bung/cap to fill a hole in the tail, so side switch only.

What you see in this picture is NOT a rear clicky, but just a plastic plug to fill a hole in the aluminium:

There were reports of slight revisions made during the earlier life-cycle. For example, some later ones were received with a full aluminium body, instead of the plastic plug in the tail. See here for example:

Revised in-life to have solid aluminium tail instead of a filled hole:

Only in the past few weeks had Banggood started selling yet another NEW revised version of the JM35. They kept the same model number but this now has a few new features: dual-switch and included extension tube for 2x26650 support.

Battery tube extension now included:

AND rear-clicky in addition to side-switch:

As far as I know, no other retailers except Banggood are selling this version yet. Others may be replacing their stock in-life and sending out new ones, but nobody has confirmed this. All the pictures are still displaying the previous version.

So, short story, if you want the latest version with dual-switches, buy from Banggood:

(Reduced to $39.50 for limited time as per email newsletter deal - link)

Hirsh One of my favorites, 1st 26650 light back when it was a tail switch only with the brand new XM-L T6 led. Still a good light always thought of it as a fat P60.

Thanks for taking the time to explain this.

Banggood page says No protective battery. Is this because it cannot take longer batteries?

Is the Gearbest one now single or dual switch?

I believe this is because of the Amps that the light pulls during Turbo mode. This amount of power draw would trip the protection of most protected cells.

[quote=BLightSam] Is the Gearbest one now single or dual switch? [/quote]

It's explained in my post just 3 above yours...