needing a waterproof light

ok we recently opened our hot tub outside. unfortunately there is very little light out there. i would like a waterproof light to carry in my swimsuit. this will also serve in summer months as a swim light. i’d prefer aa or aaa because i have an abundance of batteries lying around. it is only gonna be in about 6 foot of water at the most and i’m looking at about 15$ budget. and i would like throw apposed to flood but if its enough light idc either way any help would be appreciated.
i’d use a 18650 if it was actually waterproof and not huge and bulky

I like it, a swim light for the home, a pocket light for the hot tub, that is a flashlight junkie’s niche that I had overlooked.

I’ve used lights in the ocean and in the yard, but I never bought one to edc in the hot tub.

Since it is for the swimsuit pocket, perhaps an E01 would work for you.

What I would definitely consider is a P60 based light. One of my college buddies has a hot tub and likes to use it on occasion but doesn’t want to really fix the old broken lighting system.

I gave him one of my Solarforce L2’s with an XM-L 3 mode module. It lights up the hot tub just like a real lighting system. It’s completely waterproof, I’ve even taken it and dropped in down with a fishing pole in a lake to 20 feet and it didn’t leak. Just make sure to keep the o-rings lubed, if they get nicked they’ll might leak.

But the big benefit with P60’s is if it leaks and shorts out the module, you can always replace the module. Also if you prefer a warm white light or a brighter cool white it’s as easy as switching modules.

The Solarforce L2’s and L2P’s are definitely the absolute best when it comes to inexpensive P60 hosts with definitely the best waterproofing and aren’t too much more than your budget but definitely a good deal better quality.