Needing to get contact information to reach Astrolux.

Does anyone know the contact information for Astrolux? I have a warranty situation and the box does not include any contact information.

I think you can contact banggood.

Been there, done that. Banggood says it’s past 30 days from date of purchase and that they can do nothing accept refund me $13.00 to try and get it repaired locally.

So that says Astrolux’s warranty is only 30 days. Pretty much worthless.

I think i read somewhere Manker manufactures that brand of light.

Thanks for the reply, I read that too and tried it. The response I received was that they do not make the MF-01.

Astrolux and Manker parted ways some time ago. The lights are now made by Mateminco. They also sell the light as Mateminco MT18.

Does anyone happen to have Mateminco’s contact information?

They don’t seem to have a website, but maybe try the Facebook page?

I’ll give it a go. Thanks!

I actually gave up trying to contact/find contact info and tried something another member suggested. I was able to repair the problem myself.

I never stopped to think about warranties and companies like Astrolux.

I think I’ll just stick to Olight who I know has five year warranties and is easy to contact.

Astrolux is the house brand of Banggood. Astrolux lights are made by several different manufacturers for BG. Which model Astrolux did you have a problem with? Warranties on Chinese lights are pretty much nonexistent a couple of weeks after arriving unless you purchase one of the premium brands.

Pay with Paypal. At least you have 180 or so days to dispute any transaction due to functional or other issues.

It is the MF-01 v2. The battery carrier had a brass contact that shifted. It wasn’t flush anymore so it made poor battery contact. It turns out it was a poor solder connection. It was a “cold” solder joint. With just a small amount of force it popped off. I reheated the brass buttons and was able to make it flush and stay firmly connected.

Is their a Banggood rep here that can help with customer service issues, that would seem to be your best bet.

Thought I’d resurrect this thread instead of starting a new one.
Does anyone know who manufactures the Astolux S41 S42 and S43 for Banggood?
Need to source some replacement body-parts that don’t seem to be available separately…
Trying to get spare parts from Banggood is very unlikely, so wish to try the direct route.
Many thanks, Adam

The Astrolux S41, S42 and S43 are manufactured by Mateminco. They are called Mateminco S01, S02 and S03.

For replacement parts try to contact Mateminco at the Aliexpress Mateminco Official Store

The 18650 and 18350 tubes and tailcaps can also be found separately on Aliexpress and Banggood.