Negative experience with NealsGadgets

I’ve had similar experiences with Neal. Ordered black Friday, no further communication for a few weeks. I pestered him on messenger. Was told the LED choice I wanted was out of stock. He gave me a choice. Shipping soon after and received the light in the usual time frame, maybe a touch faster. If I didn’t get a hold of him I don’t think he would have told me he was out of stock. Not a scammer but a very poor communicator. This has happened the before (not every time). It was a good sale and ultimately I’m happy but it’s not a smooth experience and I do not enjoy the buying experience.

I ordered a E05C and three batteries at Christmas from Neal. My order was shipped and arrived much faster than I was expecting which was good.

But the order was missing 2 batteries. Contacted by email and waited a week then tried messenger but got no response. Opened a case on paypal and still didn’t get a response. Escalated the case to paypal before the cutoff date (28 Jan) and awaiting their verdict.

Came here to find the thread to contact Neal as he won’t respond to my emails. I see I’m not alone, his customer service seems to be lacking. Lesson learned.

Bought once, got a dead Fw1A, no help at all from Neal, never again.

I would start a thread on here with some details, I’m sure someone may be able to help.

FW1A Dead on Arrival

Never ordered from Neil but I can tell you Gear Best is Pretty BAD. I ordered 3 x S21’s three months ago. Still nothing. I opened case with them, they said it will take longer.

I didn’t plan to order from either one again. I ordered 3 times from GB and had problems with each order. GB now has some ridiculously high prices. Despite that I don’t hate GB, I kind of respect them for providing jobs for the mentally handicapped. I swore I’d never order from Neal again but just signed up for the FW3A group buy as I wanted one with the raw finish. I’ll see how it goes.

Wow, Neal’s store made it on to Trustpilot can’t be a good thing………100% bad :person_facepalming:
I am at a loss why he seems to treat a good portion of his customers so badly, it literally makes no sense to me.
I got one thing from him, it arrived so I won’t judge him on that, however one cannot simply ignore the carnage he causes for many customers.

Hard earned reputation.

There’s an odd dichotomy of interactions with Neal. According to the positive things about Neal, either he does things right and ensures customers are satisfied or he just ignores you outright. Usually people are consistently one or the other, not both.

Just read those reviews on “Trustpilot” seems like they were all written by the same disgruntled individual. Majority of the “reviews” are from users with less than 5 reviews seems very sus.

That may be the case of course, I generally only go on there if I have something very good, or very bad to say. Seems a lot of hassle to go to, but hey, some would do it obviously - we’ll never know for sure.

The distinction:

- If the ordered items are all in stock they will be sent within a week - Good Service.

- If there are no issues with the items when received - Good Service.

- If the ordered items are not in stock or just one item out of stock despite the site showing in stock your order with sit and dwell with no communication until the item/s are in stock and will then be sent. This can take a few weeks to months to half a year, all with no communication, you will be lucky to get a response. Very Poor Service.

- If there is an issue with the order when received such as faulty items, factory damaged goods, used items being sold as new or items missing (all examples well documented) prepare to be ignored and receive no response from Neal no matter which channel of communication used. Very Poor Service.

- The other scenario, items are never sent, no communication is established, your funds are gone unless you have chargeback or PP which leads to the next point -

If you still want to risk using Neal, always use PayPal, Neal also tends to ignore PayPal disputes as was the case with me, this does however make getting your money back a little faster.

I just left a review on TP. I only have 2 reviews so far - didn’t even remember the first one, apparently it’s from when I booked a car in Mexico just before the pandemic.
I can assure you I’m not “the same disgruntled individual” as the others.

Keep posting the bad experiences. The Neal appreciation thread is gathering steam

I once bought 2 Jetbeam Mini one from Neil which should be made of titanium. I was really looking forward to it, lamps made of stainless steel were delivered. To my complaint came the succinct answer that titanium would be more expensive. That’s ridiculous and that’s how he annoys his customers.

I’ve had all GREAT Experiences with Neil until this one. I ordered a fire flies E07 on February 22. I was very excited to get one it was my first ff. I got a acknowledgment order email but the item never shipped. I figured it was Chinese new year so it may be longer but I asked other people and they had to order shipped in the same timeframe. I also ordered a second different light on March 2nd and that shipped. But my feb 22 order still didn’t, still no word or response from Neal. I emailed Neil five or six times saying I would pay more for upgraded auxiliary lights if the one I ordered was out of stock and that was the actual hold up. I got no response. I had to reach out to contacts he hasOn here to reach out to him and I think that’s the only reason I have any resolution. Last night I got a refund to my PayPal saying that it was my request. I never requested a refund but at least after 3 weeks I got my $75 back… I went on neals site To order a different variation of the EO7 bc I still wanted it and thought it was just the version I ordered that was the problem. Well every single combination of LED, auxiliary LED , and body color was out of stock. It was not like that two hours before, because I had been checking almost every day.

This is more of a warning that you can order something that is not in stock and he may or may not get a hold of you for weeks, holding up your money and keeping you in anticipation if you’ll ever even get a refund. Although he did refund my money so there is that. I don’t know, just really bad experience I feel compelled to share. And wierd because I had a dozen other perfect transactions with him. On the other hand the competition (Hank) emails me back everyday I email him. Every time.

Apparently I have fallen from the great responses from Neal to the completely ghosting the customer , from Neal.

Why does it take a PayPal dispute to get an answer out of Neal :person_facepalming:

I got a light that doesn’t work. I was told I’d be sent a replacement. It has been over a week and I haven’t received a shipping number and have been ignored. I open up a dispute and get messaged within a few hours that they’ll ship it tomorrow.

If I cancel the dispute, I won’t be able to start another one and if I don’t get a working replacement, I’ll lose the ability to get my money back and a light.