Neutral white XM-L

Any NW XM-L lights or drop-ins to recommend? E03 is still quite far away.

any 2 mode XM-L P90 drop-ins/ OP/ warmish tint?

set up this as a forum topic a few days ago and got zero hits. ouch.

I guess there is none for warm white as well.



Thanks bro. I am actually looking for complete lights, or drop-ins.

Not quite a budget thing:

I think you may be disappointed with a lack of complete lights for that. Your best bet is to just roll your own.

Did you buy a dropin from this thread? You mentioned that you wanted to buy some of them... any comments on their function and tints?

Hey JohnnyMac, you are right. One day I really ought to sit down and figure out how to mod LEDs. Currently the love for modding still stays with my HIDs.

Yeah...the Spark has XM-L NW, forgot about that. Also now i remember that the Lumintop TD15X has NW as well.

Yes, the dealextreme NW Q3 is quite good, CT is about 4000K same as your regular 840 definitely can see the "warmth" in it. I also purchased the Romisen RC-2R4 II NW XP-G R4, that one has approx 4800K which is still not bluish in any bit but definitely is white and nowhere close to being warm....

The warm white P3 is very nice. CT of about 3000K / halogen. Compared to Xeno E03 that XM-L is really warm white at 2500-2600K, very close to incandescent. The Solarforce is like 2600-2700K.

So the spread is quite nice actually. I like the warm white also fools others into thinking that this is a very very powerful + hot incandescent, but let them hold it and they are surprised.

Power wise, the dealextreme NW Q2 take in 0.83 A 1 cell, and 0.68A 2 cell. Photographically there is no difference. So it will be converted into heat with 2 cells like 2 RCR123A, not advisable.

Dealextreme warm white P3 0.86A - 1 cell, 0.47A - 2 cell.

Solarforce WW P4 0.84A - 1 cell, 0.7A - 2 cell. Also no advisable coz on photos there is very little could be the same as Solarforce's MPP-1, 200 lumens for 1 cell and 275 lumens for 2 cell. On 18650 you have spare power, but RCR123A or 18350s power is limited.

I will have more solid measurements when the lux meter comes.

So draw is very even on all dropins on 1 cell, I am thinking about getting the P3 one... is the brightness for the different bins visible in real life... for non-photographic purposes?

Vectrex, the neutral white actually is a wee bit brighter with 2 cells. Wattage is somewhat higher as well.

You talking about the Solarforce P4 vs the DX P3 warm whites? Yes A-B comparison in real life there is a difference, the Solarforce P4 is quite a bit warmer and noticeably dimmer, but i like it because it is very very close to incandescent....its extremely warm. The DX tint is nice too, but you know its not incandescent because its just a wee pink.

No hint of green tint on both.