(Nevermind, I Was Wrong)--Questions Re: PA40--Just Got Mine & Think it's Defective?

Nevermind, I was wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just got my $39.99 Jetbeam PA40 and I’m a little bummed because I think it’s defective.

First off, the mode sequence somehow left the factory as Turbo, High, Medium, Low, which is clearly incorrect. I cycled through the modes like 20 times and every single time the sequence was in this configuration.

Additionally, the manual states that the light changes modes from the ON position by clicking the flashlight off and then doing a full click on within a second. My example, however, changes modes from the ON position by doing half clicks on the switch. Is that how it’s supposed to be?

My £55 ($88 - yikes) PA40 (bought before I discovered the joys of BLF and Chinese vendors) works the same way - T-H-M-L, but it does have memory, so last mode used comes on, and it cycles down from where it’s been left - eg, from M, it will go M-L-T-H etc.

Mine is a forward clicky, so from off, half presses changes modes, and full click selects mode chosen. Once on, you can only switch off.

Oh shit, so mine is actually perfect and they way that Jetbeam intended it? I guess I should have read up on the mode sequence on their website before jumping to wild conclusions. LOL

I would have preferred the light have a L-M-H-T sequence, but since it has mode memory it’s not such a big deal. I can just leave it on Low when I’m done using it, and that’s where it’ll start up the next time.

That is correct.

After using this light quite a bit over the past day, I think I can say with some certainty that I like it. In fact, I like it a lot. :slight_smile:

Edit: I should add that the tint on mine is extremely green in the area that surrounds the hotspot. I’ll be using LEE tint filters on it anyways so it’s doesn’t matter much to me, but for some I know that’s a big deal so it’s worthy of mention.

Maybe you should get a PA40W too so its not lonely.

Heck, if I can find one for $39.99 then I’d be all over it! :wink:

In all seriousness though, I don’t mind using the LEE tint filters so fussing over CW and NW is sorta pointless for me.

Got mine also. I enjoy it, no green in mine either. Nice combo of flood a and throw! I really like that it has a nice low level. Absolute steal at $39.

Is yours a smooth reflector or orange peel?

When I opened mine and saw the smooth reflector I was pleasantly surprised. It really is a great balance of flood vs. throw. :slight_smile:

@ Misfire

I didn’t get mine on this deal but mine is SMO too, I would have prefered OP but I am still happy with it.