New 1*AAA IYP07 from Lumintop

Product link

Looks promising - Nichia 219C available in 3 body colors.
No Li-Ion support and Mid-Low-High order aren’t ideal.

The name is clever, the IYP365 was for “In Your Pocket 365 days a year”, I guess this one is to keep 7 days a week :smiley:
It’s cute, but the one I want to see happen (and I’m sure it will, we saw the teasers) is the Tool 2*AA

But will it replace the timeless classic Tool?

I don’t care about 10440 and the M-L-H distribution without memory makes my Tool punch far above its weight. This is perfectly fine for me :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to that one too - if they offer a Nichia option it’ll be the only high CRI 2*AA light on the market.
This one looks like a nice dressy upgrade from the BLF-348.

The M-L-H on the IYP365 is ideal

And it is another pink flashight! :partying_face:

I prefer lights to come on in low for EDC, but I understand why people using this as a work light would prefer that mode order. It’s definitely not a deal breaker.

The original 2 X AAA is much better. They should have release a single AA version instead!

That seems like a bit of an obtuse statement. the 2*AAA is different, just like 1*AA would be. There’s obviously a market for all of these form factors, and I’m glad to see a known brand put out a single AAA with a decent emitter and driver.

Which emitter is more desirable? The XP-G3 or 219C.


Took them a while to get a single AAA version (I have the IYP365). May be a buy for me but have several single AAA’s already.

Well, you could either call it a cut down IYP365 or a Tool in a fancy dress :D .

Too bad it has the MLH mode order :( .

Short tube version of iyp365

for me M-L-H is perfect for me, not too low so i have to click 2 times, not too high to burn my retina

No Li-ion support, no interest.

Eww, eww, eww. No G3. Ugly tint-shift.

I’d like a 219B, but that’s just me.

And I’d like a pet dodo!

No you wouldn’t. They crap all over the place.

shame no 10440 support… its fun to use that on my i3t and get over 300 lumens or so :smiley:

No 10440 support for the copper Tool, butt that’s all I’ve used in 4 of them with no problems at all.