new 16340 light! mini Yupard review

Just want to give a quick mini review of this new budget light Yupard mini from Aliexpress

the same head size as C8 although the reflector are smaller
the driver has next mode memory always start on HIGH-mid-low-strobe-SOS-OFF ( kind of annoying to go through all cycle in order to turn it off :stuck_out_tongue: ) but very easy to mod with resistor mod :smiley:
you use 3, 2 or 1 16340 battery
want to use noctigon? fuhgetaboutit… as it has a hollow pill,and the mcpb size is 30mm, but I’m sure it won’t stop Old-Lumens or Tom E from modifying this light.
as stock form beam shot was decent with slightly less throw than Nitecore EA4 but has bigger squarish hotspot :slight_smile:
tail cap is glued, forget about modifying the springs, BUT good news is… it has a short body, so I’m able to copper braid the springs without have to open the tail cap :smiley:

Pic of inside the pill

the driver

Driver size

Copper braided springs

comparison shot between Yupard mini and Nitecore EA4
Yupard mini ( after resistor mod with R330) on the left and Nitecore EA4 on the right

comparison size between multiple batteries flashlight
Yupard mini, Nitecore EA4, Sunwayman D40A, SRK, Supfire M6

I modified this light conservatively with R330 on top of one of the R500 resistors as I don’t want to push this light harder as it has a bad heat sink, but for under $20/free shipping and XM-L2 LED? it’s not a bad light actually,especially when I put 3 Efest IMR batteries in it :smiley:

this light is screaming for copper heat sink and dedome LED mod, but seriously in stock form alone it’s enough to satisfy most people except those hard core flasholics as it has decent throw as C8 light but in shorter and bulkier body.

Reserved for outdoor beam shot

Cool .

Thanks for sharing .

Thanks for the review..

I usually fix the hollow pill issues by making the edge where the stock mcpcb sits lower, then add copper (usually copper plates, often several combined, Old-Lumens-style) + JB Weld. Some old example pictures...

Now space for normal 20mm copper mcpcb... :)

cool… thanks, I’m going to try that idea, although I don’t have a press drill, only cordless drill.
what bit should I use? this light could be a nice thrower especially with copper mod :smiley:

I just used a bit I had available.. With a regular cordless drill you will probably have a hard time getting a nice even flat result in the pill. Some extra JB-Weld could take care of that though...

A little bit of heat around the tail cap from a heat gun or even a lighter will loosen the glue so that the tail cap will screw of really easily btw.

Use the Maxtoch 31.5mm copper board (trimmed down a mm) and don't bother adding extra copper under it (or if you don't believe me, solder a small copper disc under the board, just a 16mm disc in the middle will do, no need to go all the way to the edge), remove the ano on the ridge that the board is sitting on and add a tiny bit of thermal compound. Easy enough mod and the led will rock when you apply 5+ amps !!

(morale: use a copper board and hollow pills are fine, solid pills are soooo overrated)