New 18650 batteries $1 each Sold

Well I went and bought a bulk shipment of laptop batteries. These are new batteries that have never been used and the batteries came in without ever having been fully charged. This is how new batteries are shipped to the manufacturer. These were marked 2,000 mah But I was told they are 2,200 and after testing them I confirmed this to be the true. They are all right at 2,200 and they are brand new, never used batteries.

For the last couple of week I have been testing and using these batteries and they are really great batteries. They are not labeled and I really have no idea who makes them. However, from the testing and from using them I can tell you that they are excellent batteries.

I’m selling these for $1 each plus shipping.

So for 20 it’s $25 and for 10 it would be $15.

and just how many batteries are we talking about? Aaaand I’m in.

Well I have 90 of them right now of course I need to rip them out of packs and charge them up. Some have already sold ahead of you but not too many.

Also if you want solder on the top so that they are "button" tops just ask and I'll do it for you. No extra charge. I solder them on with good flux and then sand them down so the tops of the solder blobs are good and flat.

Just a bump

All of the batteries I have gotten from you are solid as a rock…working great!

I did take a diamond bit rotary tool and scuff the + pad and soldered on some of those little brass nipples to em to make a few of em button tops (it does make them almost too long) but they still work very well)

Thanks again 18sixfifty!

Some of these have shipped out and some more will be shipping tomorrow. USPS site was down last night for click and ship.

I have about 50 more of these left. So get them while they are hot. LOL

All the ones paid for have been shipped.

I have 30 of them left right now.

Thanks 18sixfifty! Cells look great!

Cool beans, Glad you like them.

Ok I just sold the last of this bunch. I’ll see about getting some more soon. If anyone is interested in getting first dibs on the next batch let me know.

The ones sold today will go out on Monday.

Thanks everyone.

LMK when you get more for $1 can’t beat it….

Is the next batch of batteries going to be the same as these were ?

Yep. In fact I just sent him an e-mail to try and get some more. It’s a lot of work though pulling them all out and going through them. Still though it’s worth it. Great batteries for the price.

Can I get a PM when you have another sell off like this. 10 at this price is kinda a way good deal for just general cells to have around.

I do have a question, are they labeled what end is +/- ?

Sure I’ll let you know. Probably the best thing for you would be for me to just solder a button onto the + I do it for all of mine and I don’t charge anything for anyone who asks. Just remind me because a lot of people want them without it.

Well according to the tracking numbers I will have more of these in tomorrow. I bought quite a few but still they will probably sell out fast again, so it’s first come first serve. I’ll try and PM the people who ask me to save some, but if you don’t get a PM from me please send me a reminder. I get a ton of PM’s every day so sometimes they move down the list and get lost by me.

According to the dealer this is the last batch of these that he has. He said he will be getting more but probably not at this price.

The batteries are in. Exact same ones as last time. New batteries and testing out as the same.

Funds sent. If you could delay shipping them that would be great.

If so I would definitely take 10, please.