New 18650 Flashlight from XTAR: BK12

Not found on the home page,but will coming soon.

The specifications:
ANSI IIIumination levels
High Mid Low Signal
Luminance 600Lm 200Lm 60Lm 200Lm
Runtime 2.4h 8h 29h
Beam Throw: 165m
Max Intensity: 6800cd
Impact Resistant : 1.5m
Waterproof: IPX8
Material: Anodized aircraft 6061 aluminium alloy.Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Work Voltage: 2.8V~4.2V
Battery: 1 x 18650/18700
Switch: Tail cap switch,silver magnetic control ring
Size: φ30.0mm(Head dia)xφ25.5mm(Body dia)x30.0mm(Tail dia)x135.0mm(Length)
Net weight: 118g(Excluded battery)
Additional Function: Silver magnetic control ring

No pictures available now,pity for that.

pic you say?


Hm, interesting. Thanks for the heads up :smiley:
On/off with that magnetic ring or it will have normal switch as well?

Yes,that’s it.

The tail cap switch controls the ON/OFF. The ring controls the mode high/mid/low/signal.

Forward or reverse clicky?

Neither,I think it is magnetic control kind.The tail switch is just for ON/OFF.
The details and more pictures were posted.

I like the look but a 60 lumen low? Too high for me

Agreed.This light is suit for outdoor,not daily use.

I saw that, but an ON/OFF switch can still be F or R. I have several lights with no modes and reverse switch and one Solarforce with no modes and tactiral forward on. I like the forwards better.

Anyway, I saw this light on a site for something over $130?! A little more than budget friendly price, if you ask me.

edit: nevermind, I saw “tactical” in the fine print on the specs sheet.

Yes,I saw the price.The kit with battery and charger is over130USD.The flashlight only is abut 95USD.

I’m kinda sucker for Xtar. I have a WK26 and I love the build style, the soft tactical switch and DIY modes. But that I bought for $20-something bucks, and now $100 for a flashlight? I mean, come on. If it was, say 50-60 bucks, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

I am long overdue on buying a new light and this one is on my short list. Just wondering if anyone has purchased this light since this thread went dormant? I couldn’t even find a youtube review which is unusual.

Maybe the review is on the way.

Hmmmm Going gear now has this at $91.95:

Really interesting and well designed looking light, looks like it has a 100 degree beam angle which is what I like especially for cycling as it gives great peripheral vision. I doubt you’ll find any flashlight that gives as wide a beam. Little pricey though

$53.99 PLUS SHIPPING AT LIGHTHOUND; just ordered one

That’s a pretty sweet deal, be sure to give us your impressions. :slight_smile:

will do

Plus $26 shippigng for a total of $80…

I already got a JetBeam ST Cycler for something like $55 for my bike. Still want to buy the Xtar though, but as I said $50-60 is the max I’d pay.