New 1xAAA Tank007 TK-703 Generic at DX

This one looks great for $3.30. Appears to be very similar, but not identical to the TK-703. It's a tad bit longer and a tiny bit smaller in diameter. Appears to be tailstandable too, always a plus.

Yes but. Why do you want to pay 3,30 $ for 30 lumens?

If it has a good finish and is well put-together, I'd pay the asking price. There are comparably-bright lights in the $1.50 range that I would not buy because they look and feel cheap. I find 30 lumens to be useful - close to the iTP A3 on medium, which is the level I use probably 90% of the time.

Um… no.

YES! I want to Ink!!

They throw light ..they are also a bad copy of an already cheap light . The light is lame because of the color of light it produces throws that dull flat grey .it's not something that warms your heart .it makes you shake your head and think ..that ain't right !..the only reason to buy one of these is If you have a tank 701/703 and a kid who wants one too . 7119 MXDL < 2.50$ on ebay< I like these better .but not much . For the price , I would not bother with the rest ..

I think they are the same thing .. grey flat dull crappy color .. if you jave 3.50 burning a hole in your pocket buy the mini tac from costal . not as bright .. but just ask your eyes to work like normal and open up . At least the color is sweet .. there is really no reason to keep pouring out garbage colours unless the only goal is to get 12 more lumens out the front .( million fenix eo1 have been sold or 1 zillion mini mags this point there isn't a mini lumen war going on's certainly not all about numbers when talking about the bottom end lights .A little nichia and better build are priceless .