New 3535 Hex die LED from Nichia 309/319A

Space saving technique? The beam should be better than square dies for ultra narrow beam optics


Neither available in 90+ CRI…… It looks dang cool though, and hey it improves lux values as well…

It’s like a compromise to get higher output without losing the efficacy of using mini/sliced dome.
The closest competitor is XPG3. Yes, not as interesting as if it has 90+ CRI variant

Very cool! I think they’ll come up with R9050 sooner or later.

219C should now be available in R9050 for CCT above 4000K. Here is the new datasheet for the NVSW219C. So NVSL219C R9050 goes up to to the 4000K bin and the NVSW219C R9050 starts at the 5000K bin. No 4500K bin for now. That was the case for the B-V1 as well, but later on they released a 4500K bin, even with R9080 rating. Hope the same will happen with the 219C and this new cool 319A…

Nice find clemence!

Tried so hard to get the 219C 9050 4000+. Not yet available to the public.
I got (OTW) only sm305, sm353, and sm403 after a long wait and mailing trips. Let’s hope I got the sm453 and sm573 this December

Looks cool.

I don’t get it though; what is different about this from the 219C besides the die shape? It looks like it has a similar dome to the 219C?

More phosphor surface are, higher max output (current), suits round optics/reflectors better than square shapes.
There’s an optimum dome radius - die area ratio to get the most photon extraction. The best die shape for spherical dome is circular, not square. Most Cree’s dome are sliced/flat at the sides to fit the die.

That looks really cool. Not as good as the circular LEDs from Luminus, but definitely unique.
Seems like they have really low lumen output though…

Based on experience, bumping up to 3 times official rated current is OK. This one is rated at 2A, so 6A should easily be done.
Could be the XPL2 new rival too

Output doesn’t seem so low to me. About 880 lm @2,4 A and CRI 80… This thing will easily surpass 1000 lm if pushed a bit harder. Now take 3 or 4 of them… Could surpass 5000 lm in a single cell light, even the CRI 80 version.

@clemence, sm403 sounds very good to me…

Looks like a larger die area than the XP-L, and it has a dome too.
You can drive it at 3x the rated current, but you could do 2x for an XP-L and still have more output.
If it had a small die area I would consider it, but….

The datasheet gives no dimensions of the die but based on the images the die size of the XP-L looks larger than that of the N. 319

I still see no real benefit from this one for flashlight uses. It’s in between XPG3 and XPL.
They’re still preparing the CRI 90+, hopefully Ra9080 would be available.
Just wondering if Nichia consider to make the 244A in all parallel wiring……could be the ultimate LED for the next 2 years

Well, I’d like to have at least one flashlight with the hexagonal die just for something different! It’s still going to be bright enough for me, even if it isn’t the “absolute” lumens leader in its size.

I would love any of the multi die LED’s in a 3V format, that truly would become the standard LED going forward IF it had a thermal pad so we could use a DTP star.

Dimensions for the 319 are: 3.5 mm X 3.5 mm square, dome is 3.1 mm diameter.

It does have a DTP

The R8000 LEDs are CRI 83 minimum

Yes, we knew that already. We just discussed something off topic about our preferred emitter design based on the nice 144A which doesn’t have thermal pad

“…Nichia claims its 319A high-power LED is a record breaker by achieving a whopping 164 lm/W at 700 mA (5,000 K). And the 319A is a production device, Nichia say, i.e. not one shining brightly deep down in a liquid nitrogen vessel or in the minds of a few theorists at MIT. Mass production of this super LED is planned for late this month or early January 2017 so with a bit of luck you will be dazzled by your daughter’s new flashlight for Summer Camp.

The size of the 319A is 3.5 x 3.5mm and the device and is foot-print compatible with earlier 3.5-mm LEDs, if not optically. Breakdown is specified at 1,050 mA (~3 W).

A variant with 3000 K color temperature is expected to yield 415 lm with a minimum CRI (color rendering index) of 80. This device won’t give you much deep red though as its R9 CRI specification is zero.

Nichia showcased a number of breakthrough LED technologies at the recent Lux Live show in London’s Excel Centre … what’s in a name….”


Luxeon M:

1130 lumens max with 2.8 amps… <——- corrected. Still not impressed