New 3535 Hex die LED from Nichia 309/319A

I think Nichia emitters have resisted heat-dedoming for a while now, haven’t they? Isn’t slicing the dome the preferred method for 219c too?

I have sliced a for 219c’s, they do increase the intensity with minor effects on tint and output.

Interesting. Though I wonder why they don’t immediately come in 9050 rating when 219c with the same rating are already available.

It took quite a while for the Nichia 219C to come out in 9050 as well. I talked with Nichia USA about getting some of those early on and they were scheduled some 6 months out, they then cancelled, only to go ahead with them about 9 months later as I recall.

More like market dependent I guess. These days, when High CRI demands are higher, they are more likely to be launched sooner.

What is the difference between the Nichia 219C 3000K vs. the Nichia 319AT 3000K?

The 219C has a smaller die, it will throw further at the cost of lumens

The 319A has a larger hex shaped die, it will produce more lumens at the cost of throw.