New 3D Defiant 625L LED FL @Home Depot

The 3C DST has been removed from HD's website but I spotted a new 3D model for $19.88. I can't find any stores in my area having stock yet, though. Not in stores, not available online, I think I caught it just at it's introduction for a change. Be on the look out.

Oh my, that looks interesting. None at any of my local stores yet. Thanks for reporting this find Gj.

Interesting, not a "super thrower" though. I like the changeover to D cells though.


‘Defiantly’ not a Super Thrower, but they claim 375 meters…not bad! :slight_smile:

Yeah, guess you guys are right. If the product width specification is right, the reflector is no wider than 55mm.

Defiant, we want a budget 3D light that has a big super duper thrower reflector. Please?

Not in stores, not available online? All are sold out? I just plan to get one for my best friend…

Have you checked out the Defiant Armormax 3D? It’s got a fairly large reflector. And it’s actually quite throwy - at least as much as the Super Thrower. At around $30, it costs a little more than other Defiants. But it’s still quite reasonable. It is a little on the heavy side, even compared to a 3D Mag.

Guys, I just checked the Home Depot website again, and it showed the 3D (not the Armormax one) back in stock. I just ordered one for pick-up at my local store. Just wanted to let everyone know, so hopefully the guys who were really looking for this one can pick it up.

Cool. Thanks tjhabak. Please keep us posted on how it works for you. Do you have one of the 3C Super Throwers (aka DST)?

No problem! And. …yes I do have a DST. I will post my thoughts on the new 3D once I pick it up in a couple weeks.

On another note…As I was looking for the Defiant 3D, I saw a Techlite Lumen Master 500 Lumen XPG triple. It was listed on for $99.99. I thought it looked like an interesting light with mod potential, but not for a hundred bucks. I Googled it and found one on for $36.97! I happen to be a Costco member, but even if not, there is only a $1.85 surcharge, and shipping is free. I searched for threads about this light but couldn’t find anything on this particular model. Maybe I shoul’ve started a new thread. Anyone know anything about this light?

Here's the factory link for the Techlite

Too bad it's a plastic lens. Looks like a fairly nice light.

I have a 3C in that same head format.

Its for sale in my WTS thread.

Oops…I should clarify. This one is a 3C also.

625 lumens from 4.5v is going to draw considerable amperage. How long will 3 alkaleak D’s last in that light? That’s also a good bit of room, I wonder how hard it would be to make a carrier for 12 Eneloops? (3S4P)

In theory the carrier inside isn’t subject to any large stresses, would it be feasible to make a battery carrier out of hobby styrene? I’m thinking styrene disks connected by styrene L-girders or tube. Someone with a hobby shop that has a good selection of model kits/model trains, try this out and let us know! :smiley:

This may have been covered elsewhere, but check if the battery tubes interchange and a measurement if the non-DST has a wider inside diameter .

FYI, I just ordered one having it sent to my Local HD, as follows:

Order Summary
Merchandise Subtotal
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1 Item(s)
Item Total
Unbranded Defiant 650…

Note that it Says UNBRANDED DEFIANT 650

I wonder if 3 32650's would fit. If 650's are too long. One could use a sleeve and spacer with 3 of these.

18500’s just seem like such a waste of volume in a light like this though.

I agree, but $4.50 for 12.6 volts is a cheap way to get by until a better solution is found. Of course, one would need to make sure the cells are in good condition and of similar capacity for using in series.