New 3x XM-L?

Has anybody come across this before, or tried one?…

Yeah, there’s been a bunch of stuff written on that one as well as a bunch of versions. All of them have poor heatsinking with modules that are spring mounted drop-ins (think p60 style) compared to threaded drop-ins/pills. They sag quickly and don’t put out more than 1300-1500 lumens at best. Best to avoid them completely. Shame, too, since it’s a good looking light just that no one has executed it properly.

Search for Beamtech 4000 or BT-4000

That looks like the Beamtech BT-4000 - I’m not sure which came first.

One should avoid those cells like a girl with the clap, and I believe the torch is under-driven and sports a hollow pill.

EDIT: JohnnyMac beat me to it.

Thanks for the replies.

That’s a shame, the design could have potential.


Is this light similar/bad, or is it a good one do you know?


Bad and expensive. If you want a well reviewed triple xm-l light then go for the Skyray King.

Ok thanks. The Skyray king looks good.

There also is a limited edition black one out now.

It looks good in black :slight_smile: