NEW 4 digit buck mode 60V 6A power supply RK6006 is released now

Hello, our new product RK6006 4 digit power supply is coming. Hope you like it and you can check the product information and make order in the link below or at the end of this article:
As what we do all the time, we will set the lowest price when new product is released, so here is the price:
RK6006:$ 26 .99USD (normal price:$ 36.99 USD )
RK6006-BT(has Bluetooth function to APP):$ 29 .99USD (normal price:$ 39.99 USD )
Discount Time: 2023.4.23-2023.4.27 PT(5 Days) .

for now the promotion already ends, it is back to normal price

You can treat it as super updated version of DPS5005-USB , and most important thing is that the discount price now is lower than DPS5005-USB! compared with DPS5005-USB, it has higher output range(60V6A) than DPS5005-USB(50V5A), more accurate output, bigger screen, more customs display, and it supports firmware update, if there is new functions, you can update the firmware with PC software, you can check the product page to see more functions.

Here are some important features about RK6006:
·Support 60V 6A max output
·Low ripple: 100mV VPP output ripple typical
·Custom display color and display style
·1.54 inch HD display
·PC software/APP control(K6006-BT only)/support firmware update/multiple protections
If you have any questions about R K6006 , you can contact us in the way below:
Contact us on Aliexpress directly
Contact my or WhatsApp: +8615868147353 or WeChat: 15868147353

Technical parameter
Model: RK6006/RK6006-BT
Input voltage range: 12-68.00V
Output voltage range: 0-60.00V
Output current range: 0-6.000A
Output power range: 0-360W
Output voltage setting measurement resolution: 0.01V
Output current setting measurement resolution: 0.001A
Output voltage accuracy: ±(0.3%+3 digits)
Output current accuracy: ±(0.5%+5 digits)
Output ripple typical:100mV VPP
Working temperature range: -10℃~40℃
Buck working mode: (input voltage÷1.1)-1
Over temperature protection: System temperature>80℃
Screen brightness setting: 0-5(6 level in total)
Screen: 1.54 inch 240240 color HD display
Weight(with package):About 0.15kg
Product dimension: 79

compared with DPS5005-USB, RK6006 has bigger screen, silicone button which is not easy to be broken, and it has higher output range, in the mean time the output accuracy is better too, and the most important thing is that the discount price of RK6006 is lower than DPS5005-USB, if you need DPS5005-USB recently, you can choose RK6006 now

Are you going to make new versions of the higher power DPS models as well ? Like DPS5020 → RKxx20

for now , there is not plan

RK6006 also has PC software and APP, for mobile phone connection, only RK6006-BT supported, and compared with RD series wifi connection, Bluetooth connection is quite simple

because we sell RK6006 in China for Public test, there is already feedback on Taobao:
good device, and really satisfied with the size after assembly

RK6006 feedback from China customers
it is my first time to order RD tech products, and it looks quite good after assembly

I like the new rubber buttons. The other style of buttons can crack over time.

Will the RK6006 fit in the RD / DP / DPS enclosure?

later we will publish new case and psu too

and if you use the DPS case to install the RK6006, it may shake in the case, you need to use glue

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RK6006 customer feedback
good power supply, waiting for a power supply with bigger screen and 3 output channels to be released

for now the promotion already ends, the price back to normal price, please notice that

RK6006 feedback
this adjustable power supply is really small and convenient to operate

RK6006 feedback
stable output, and small sized, it is compact design and compared with a 18650 battery, it does not look big, good, waiting for a suitable power supply for it

RK6006 feedback
Great!!! Thank you!!! I got a cool instrument and I will advise everyone!!!

RK6006 feedback
Fast delivery and product conforms to the description.

RK6006 feedback
Very good update of the module. tested, but so far approved. The seller gives you all support. Very highly recommend.

RK6006-BT android APP crash problem
hello, if you are using the android “RUIDENG” APP and it crashes, it should be language problem, you can contact us and get the way to solve it, and we will upload a new version to solve the problem, sorry for the inconvenience caused to you

for now we have update the “RUIDENG” app to solve the frash and crash problem, it has not been approved in app store, but you can download it in this link: