New 4XP Noctigon MCPCB for quad optic

Hi Hank,

interested both in XP-G2 and XM-L2, but are you going to offer them also reflowed on the copper stars?

What about to reflow them on order?

I would be interested both for the 16mm and 20mm stars.


Hi Rockpider,
Yes, we will try.

A yes and a possible yes? This hobby is getting better all the time :slight_smile:

A definite “Yes”, thank you!

Thanks Hank! We need MT-G2 on copper! GIVE US COPPER mounted emitters!! :bigsmile:

What about XP-E2 R3? This is the new LED for ultimate throw.

Lots of great news in this thread…

Ill be looking forward to try MT-G2 (on copper).

While you’re at such a good streak with new and future products lately (Qlite driver, copper MCPCBs, some newer emitters and MT-G2). Do you have any plans for Nichia 219?
And maybe some more TIR optics and suitable MCPBs (triple 20mm XP-G parallel, Quad XP-G parallel).

We just last week received some of your XML-U2 2B Cree Leds. One will go in a light toward the middle of the week. I'll try to get some beam shots to post before the customer picks up the light.

In bench testing I am VERY impressed with the Led!! Great Tint! We will be ordering more...


I can definitely say there will be a lot of good products, like those been mentioned above, but there’s a limit to what I can say publicly…. not to mention that having your own stocks is a true challenge.

We have now all the LEDs in the OP on various MCPCBs, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm and 20mm, please check out new products page:


Thanks Hank for providing the neutral tint emitters.

These are good prices. Thanks for the links.

We are glad to announce that we now have in stock the brightest MT-G2 LED, group P0, 6V.
The tint is 50H, 5000K, 2Step MacAdam.
The reel is UL certified with the cURus mark.

Check our our new products page:
The unboxing video of the MT-G2:

Are you going to sell it preflowed on a Noctigon copper MCPCB?

OK got it.

Yes, should be available by next week.


Not next need, this right need!
Just kidding, wait for it next week.

Very nice. Are there any plans to sell the 4000K version and especially the 3000K 90CRI version as well (all at 6V) ? I would be very much interested in them.

Okay Hank, now we need quality hosts for our MT-G2 builds. Get ahead of the curve.

No imediate plans for those, but if we are to offer the 4000K we would prefer the 80+CRI variant.

4000K 80-CRI version would be sweet!
I would not mind the 90CRI 3000K version either. 0:)

Nice to just get the top bin version though. Thanks Hank, Ill get around to place an order within a week time.

Just a heads up… XM-L2 U3 bin seems to be available now.

Would be nice to see the following XM-L2 emitters…

CW emitters:
XM-L2 U3 - 6500K –65 CRI typical
XM-L2 U2 - 5700K –65 CRI typical

Neutral white emitters:
XM-L2 T6 - 5000K –75 CRI typical
XM-L2 T5 - 4500K –75 CRI typical
XM-L2 T5 - 4000K –75 CRI typical
XM-L2 T4 - 4000K –80 CRI minimum

Warm white emitters:
XM-L2 T4 3500K 80 CRI minimum
XM-L2 S6 –3000K –90 CRI minimum

Should please close to everyone… I have no idea how popular the different emitters would be though…