New 4XP Noctigon MCPCB for quad optic


Special LED positioning for better beam pattern

Copper MCPCB for XP series, XT-E, 3535, 219, 319

Direct thermal path

Wide heavy copper traces, 4Oz !

Parallel connection

Easy wire connection, only 2 leads

Gold plated pads and copper core

Flat bottom surface

Suitable for indoor, outdoor and flashlight use

Compatible with Ledil Angie series

Diameter: 33mm, Thickness: 2mm


2B is one of the best possible cool white tints possible? Could you clarify better what you mean by this?

I wasn’t sure about that either, so I ordered a couple. I love comparing tints.

:smiley: … thumbs up!

Hank - great news, we really would like to see those copper stars come back in stock too! Also, appreciate these neutral tints, but I would like XM-L2 U2 1A's also, or U2 1B/1C's, as I mentioned in my email. Even a U2 0D would be a great tint to de-dome!

Nice unboxing video! :slight_smile:

Thanks for stocking up LED’s with clearly labeled tints.

Thanks for showing us the real reels! That’s pretty cool. 1,000 LED’s per reel.

As you can see the color temperature is lower for a cool white, 5700-6100K. Basically if you do not compare it to other neutral white tints it will look like a pure white tint. I know this is subjective but it’s a very good tint in my opinion compared to E1 group.

Noctigon copper MCPCB with 16mm & 20mm XM & XP MCPCBs, 20mm MT-G will be available at the beginning of next month.

Ordered a long time but no news yet on receiving the U2s, especially since the tints we are looking for are not really available.

Wow, Noctigon mt-g stars!!! :party:

Thanks Hank

MT-G2 on copper, I foresee 40W monster lights!!

I wont disagree to that! :slight_smile:
Personally, I would just take a NW instead since its same BIN. But its all subjective.

I hope you are talking about fairly similar tint. Earlier I requested XM-L2 U2 that was down towards 5700K (along with some warmer XM-L2s). Should be the golden middle way between highest output and NW (since its closer to NW compared to the typical U2s.). :heart_eyes:

Will you be offering MT-G2 emitters in the near future too?

Noctigon MT-G stars? Definitely getting some of those.

I'm i for one too! Got my MT-G2 wait'n for a copper home...

Hey guys, this is something slightly offtopic but I’m curious about it. I’m probably remembering it wrong but were the Panasonic 3400mAh intl outdoor cells not around 20 bucks last week (per pair) as opposed to 30 now?

Im pretty sure they have always been right below 30. This week last week, the week before, and several months back…
So they are more expensive than the green version. But on HKJs test, they seem to perform marginally better (although basically the same) They are also slightly shorter (which is some lights are essential) but they are also slightly thicker than the green ones which could be an issue in some lights…

This is offtopic but I just sold my old ones (same model from intl outd. but the 3100mAh version) and am interested in getting this new 3400mah for the *Skyray king *and TM26. Any experience anyone?
The 3100 black version fitted very nice in my old sold TM11 and I doubt they would make trouble in the King but those are my concerns….

I think you refer to those warehoused in Germany?

Thanks for coming through for us again Hank. I’ll be ordering more soon.

Can you get XP-E2 R3? Many of us have been waiting for them.

I see now that there is 2 prices on the site, 1 from Germany. Maybe that’s what I originally saw.