Not really a major deal, but the Convoy S2 XM-L2 U2-1B w/ 8*7135 configuration is now $14.73 ($13.99 at FT after the 'BLF' code). Even cheaper with the lower 7135 setups.

$15 was already a really good price on the imo de facto flashaholic starter light, but now it just makes the addiction worse :D

It’s a Q5 with a plastic reflector.
The seller is offering a partial refund for a decent review.
He blames the supplier
It is a pretty good thrower.
Ordered 03/15/15 so the shipping was pretty fast.

I ordered a Ultrafire XM-L2 C8 from Ebay for $6.25 US shipped.
I’m wondering what will show up.
How cheap can they make these lights.
XM-L2 C8

Not sure if this could be considered a deal but here it is:
original Battery for HP Pavilion….$18.85 free shipping from aliexpress

I think this sould be considered a deal.
$1.99 Dorcy AAA Flashlight from Tmart Us Warehouse
tmart link

Short picture review of product on
review thread

Intl-Outdoor (IOS) is shelling out MT-G2.
$9.00 the bare emitter
$9.90 on 16mm, 20mm and 25mm Noctigon.
4000k already sold out, 5000k still to get.

New 4XP Noctigon MCPCB for quad optic :wink:

is the discount code for FT BLF? I can never find a place to enter a code and BLF does not work as a gift either.

You can apply you coupon "BLF" at shopping cart page. Coupon is for flashlight related category and bulk discount will come in instead if you purchase more than 3 of a same item.

i bought two Luminus light bulbs from dollarama ( i live in the toronto area) for $ 3.00 each

3000K, 800LM, 9W, non- dimmable. not sure how good a deal this is, but someone might want to know.

@ Gearbest —- use coupon XMBANK and the price goes a little bit down to $15.88 for this authentic Xiaomi 10400mah powerbank with genuine Samsung cells.



SKILHUNT H02 $39.2 (free shipping) sounds like a nice price

Fluke 17B $90.94

Supfire F3-L2 back on sale $5.95 plus shipping. I couldn’t find a discount code that worked.

Supfire F3-L2

They also have a Supfire M2 that looks like a C8 for $7.15. Looks like it may have a brass pill.

Gearbest selling the EE X6 at $20.62 http://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_168405.html

It’s normal price under$18 at bang good with discount blf always

Target has Eveready Lithium primary 4-packs on clearance. Regularly $6.99, AA's are $4.88 (30% off) and AAA's are $3.48 (50% off).

But its showing this :open_mouth:

That’s the special edition, normal is only $18.89, only the special edition host is $16.99, and the gearbest one is stock

sorry for the discussion…

but we had the problem with FAKE BLF SE lights….

Wrathbringer. But its showing

Nope see above same version as gear best you linked. -use the code:BLF at bang good checkout for discount.
Max, I didn’t have fake, got the genuine eagle eye standard X6 shipped from tmart claiming to be the blf se, but it wasn’t fake, just the wrong version.

? tmart advertised & sold them as EE X6-SE’s when they had non, thats fake enough for me to never buy anything from them.