TK's Emisar D4 review

yay my own D4 finally came, waiting over the weekend was bad at least the wait is worth it. :wink:
This things heats up nearly instantly just crazy, the light output is kind of underwhelming first and it is daylight here so i cant test it outside then i ran ceiling bounce test it was at least twice as bright as my Astrolux S41 wow!, i guess the eyes perception doesn’t work in linear manner.
This flashlight is really small i cant imagine it is being that small until you have one in you hand. I like the plain tube, with all the flashlights available in the market this look different and feels smooth, and the green is also beautiful i didn’t regret it. Cant wait for the sun to sets.

I meant that they had little impact on overall user experience, not that they were easy to implement.

My initial daytime impression was similar. It just looks better when it’s dark. Maybe because it is so floody?

I am sure it will, what shocked me the most is the heat generated. wow!

Can’t overlay the output on the video, but here it is on the graph.

Interesting how fast the VTC6 cools down because of the immediate stepdown and the Aspire just keeps getting hotter because of less thermal mass with the 18350 tube. I’ll probably measure the temp for a longer time to see where they stabilize.

Now, I can’t be sure which one of my seven Aspires I used on the thermal image, so it might not be the same one. Here’s two of the best samples compared and even they differ greatly because of different internal resistance.

Do not worry, for I am a terrible tease :partying_face: :

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i actually prefer the D7 or D6 if exist to run on 20700 instead of 26650. 20700 or 21700 is where the battery technology is currently being pushed further.

Thank you :beer:

I wish for 21700 D4. With bored tube 20700 fits already. A slight size increase and it would take 21700. There are no great 21700 batteries available now, but this format really seems like the future.
Battery size increase would give us 5000 mAh with current 18650 tech. And with nearly the same flashlight size.

Try to make sense of the rainbow, but there’s not much difference in output between good batteries. The individual cell samples are probably just as different.

If I remember right, the D7 will have 3 pieces of 18650 batteries and 7 LEDs.

yeah i second that.

I saw a news release the other day where Yuasa in Japan announced a breakthrough in Lithium-ion cells that will be giving much more range to electric cars by 2020 or earlier. Didn’t see specifics… change is coming though.

hey sorry for the noob question but what does it mean if you hit turbo, get three distinct blinks and then get low? was it trying to tell me the cell didn’t have the amperage or the voltage to maintain the output? the cell was a GA and have 3.5v upon hitting the charger

i was able to take the tailcap off and replace it and it stopped doing it

At 3.5V, the GA probably doesn’t have enough oomph to run turbo… it sags and kicks in low voltage protection.

My XP-G2 S4 5D D4 arrived today very happy with the tint :

D4 XP-G2 5D (left) X5 Nichia 219C 5000K (right)

EDIT : Changed the emitters to Nichia 219C 4000K CRI92

D4Nichia 219C 4000K CRI92 (left) X5 Nichia 219C 5000K (right)

Now it’s perfect

The family should know better than to leave me home alone… made Daniel play with Shadow and spent a little more time on the lathe, dressing up the D4. Now it’s Baylor University colors and looks pretty sharp! :smiley:

I cut brass rings to either space it (at the tail cap, cut a new o-ring groove so it maintains water proofness) or simply at the top, for aesthetics. For a very brief moment I considered giving it to my brother, with his season tickets to Baylor home games, but well, naaaaaaa! :stuck_out_tongue:

nice look Dale! Thanks for sharing the picture.

Should get a better pic, playing with this new iPhone… took 2400 pics at an event Saturday, tired of messing with the big camera’s. lol

Edit: I should make that clear, I only took 771 pictures, gave out before the night was done and have to admit that I was NOT ready for an all day event! My wife took over 1600 pictures. We came home feeling mugged. Both hurting and broke as well (didn’t get paid, supposedly today, yeah, ok.)

I have the D4 in 219c and xpl hi and have noticed with battery voltage check the xpl hi reads .1volt lower than the 219c using the same battery Has anybody encountered this as well?