New 6 LEDs SRK? 6 LEDs XML-U2 3 26650s

just when i thought it couldn’t get better… SRK or clone with SRK body came out with 6 LEDs XML-U2 and 3 26650s :slight_smile:
let’s call it ” SkyRay Kong”:

The Trustfire TR-S700 has some competition, although I bet the TR-S700 is brighter, and it has a variable brightness slider.

The modes are terrible.

  • 9. Mode Arrangement: 1xLED> 3xLED >6xLED > 6xStrobe >6xSOS

yeah… it reminded me of Boruit 7 Leds… same great concept but poor performance…
same mode Low=1 LED MID=3 LEDs High=7 LEDs

@KD $65.15 but not sure for AC Charger.

the modes is a deal breaker for me.


Unless 26650 increase the capacity, for now I’ll still reaching my Apex 5T6

king kong kung … I lold