New AAA on Ebay

New to me, at least - I'm going to give it a try.

It's a twisty for $1.88, and looks like a new variation of the MXDL "3W" we were discussing at the other place - except this one's even cheaper (vs. $2.37). I have the original twisties (got them from, who also has a store on Ebay) and I think they are some of the best super-budget lights I've found. This new version looks almost identical, except for the more generous knurling on the head and crenellated ends (I guess that's what makes it "Police"... Laughing)

From your ebay link:

This listing (400136322587) has been removed, or this item is not available.
Please check that you've entered the correct item number
Listings that have ended 90 or more days ago will not be available for viewing.

Came right up for me this morning. Perhaps just a glitch.

Hi boomhauer, thanks for the tip! I have also been running across several really nice looking ultra-cheap 1xAAA lights on eBay recently. Here's my watch list: (Clicky with lanyard. Don has this one, works well he says, and bright.) (NICE looking Lanshi LS-007 1xAAA twisty with clip, a million colors available. Don’t worry, it does not come in a bloody package.) (Clicky with clip.) (Twisty with clip. Possibly the same as the Lanshi LS-007? MXDL is the same company as Romisen, so this is probably a really nice one.) (Richuang RC-7001 clicky with clip, very slim.) (Not sure about the switch, with carabiner, appears to have a convex lens) (VERY nice looking knurled 1xAAA model, supposedly clicky, with carabiner)

I suspect the Lanshi, MXDL and the one I posted are all the same, except for small cosmetic differences. Thanks for those links - the first one (clicky w/lanyard) looks especially interesting.

Btw, I really appreciate the ability to converse freely here. I came over after the original debate over the proposed budget forum over the other place, and although I've checked in here from time to time, I have not actively participated. I plan to do more of that in the future.

You'll always be welcome here boomhauer, thanks for the visit!

I updated my reply with a few more interesting links, especially the Focalprice knurled carabiner model.

The focalprice unit looks exactly like a Tank007 E08, except for the generic led instead of a Cree, and is $10 cheaper. Since Tanks are generally one of the better quality budget lights, perhaps this cheapie is a goodie. Good find.

That appears to be a typo about the tail push button switch, doesn't it? The E08 is a twisty.

No, I believe the E08 is a clicky:

Don't mind me, I'm just having fun posting links. Smile

:) Enjoy, posting links is why BLF exists.

So how does the clicky work on the E08? Isn't there a metal post coming out the back for the carabiner clip?

That post should be the switch itself, which actually might not be the best design for a pocket keychain light if it is easily activated. The cheaper version might be a good test unit in this regard.

Hmmm, can't really figure how that would work. Do you push the post in?

That's my guess.

The fun thing about these lights is it doesn't cost much to find out. Much more fun than finding out that your multi-hundred dollar light does things in a strange way.

Just ordered one to find out. didn't create an account just in case they happen to be reading here. The anticipation is half the fun...

It may use some totally weird way of doing things after all. I spent a chunk of the late 70's early 80's selling used cameras and new ones if I absolutely had to. Most of the trade was in Leicas which were 10-40 years older than I was, but we traded in all sorts of incredibly expensive oddities. Most of the things were bought and sold in auction houses for 5 figure prices. I have a strange fondness for Arca cameras. They were unbelievably expensive (They were hand built in Switzerland after all) and did things in their own way. Most notably the film wind went from front to back unlike any other camera I've ever come across. They were also tough enough to knock in nails with though not may people were prepared to do that with multi-thousand pound (multiply by 2.5x for US dollars - and this was 1980, make that >$10,000 at today's prices) cameras.

Hasselblad cameras had a similar effect but they were just stupid. But cost even more.

I'm trying to order LF336B, LF591B, and LF592B, but PayPal is stupid and doesn't work very well with my shipping address country. So I'm waiting for FP to send me a manual invoice. They're fairly obliging in these cases at least, especially when a sale is involved.

Which is quite impressive given the cash amount involved. My organisation reckons that a manual invoice costs around $15 to generate. The labour costs here are a bit higher. At today's exchange rate the legal minimum wage is $9.25/hr. Anyone generating invoices earns at least double that.

Yes, it is incredibly easy and affordable to check out these budget lights. Sometimes, though, I drift back into "cheapskate" mode with these lights, and start debating to myself the relative merits of a $2.00 light before I eventually snap out of it and just buy the darned thing!

I have a fondness for the budget quest, as in my interest with wine. Years ago, I climbed the mountain and looked from the summit of my wine interests and, aside from some frugality imposed by current real life, what really satisfies me is that rare gem in a $10 bottle. Finding such a bargain makes it taste even better. I get a similar satisfaction with some of my budget lights, knowing that I got, say, 90% of the performance for 20% of the cost of an expensive flashlight.

I find satisfaction when I buy a light with a product description of Cree Q2 and I end up receiving a Cree Q5 :)

Better that way than the other way around :)

Here are some nice looking cheap 1xAAA flashlights at KD:

I don't like the moveable clip though, I'd prefer a captured clip.