New Acebeam L18

yes, the beam is the same type as the L17 LEP Killer

L17 and L18 are not lep… youre right, I was confusing

they are LEP killers

looks good, will it come in green and red I wonder

They are good I’ll give them that especially for the price they come in at they are near best bang for buck thrower aside from a C8+ with W1 led. But if we are just considering size to performance and ignoring the price LEP’s still come in miles ahead for throw.

very true,
more than double the throw
just more money

I understand that, what I mean was if we were to consider just size of light and performance without price being a factor a LEP would throw further while being smaller. So for now I wouldn’t consider the L17 nor L18 “LEP killers” but very efficient throwers especially for the price.

good example of a smaller LEP, thanks for the link

I dont agree with the guy who named the L17 a LEP killer, either. He has unusual opinions… :person_facepalming:

True indeed.

Hot take: These and other Osram WF throwers do everything LEPs do unless you’re using the light in combo with magnifying optics, or need the absolute minimum spill.

The L17 is impressive for its compact size so I will buy the L18 later on this year. I like Acebeam’s flashlights and for the price they are asking its hard not to buy it. L17 for 59 and the L18 for 79, not bad at all. But like with all the lights I have bought, around 60 now, I will wait for a video review as always. Every light I own I have watched a video on before purchasing. They are always better in real life because its really hard to show what a flashlight is capable of on screen. So I am never left disappointed, at least so far :smiley:

I was confused about the LEP part
and then I edited my post after it had been quoted
creating more chaos, and further embarrassment for myself

the LEP killer moniker comes from a video review I watched
I got confused, :person_facepalming:

still, the L18 should have a beam like the L17 in the video I posted.

I agree it is a good idea to wait for a confirmation video that the beam is a small focused throwy, laser “like” beam (not actual LEP).

The cute L17 is still on sale, and [unfortunately] only about $5 less. I assume the L18 is no replacement, but both will be in production as long as they sell.

Why does the L18 weight less than the L17 (posting #3)?

I don’t think this is any upgrade for the L16. I have one and I think it’s a more premium package (more usable all-around throwy beam, onboard usb charging, boost driver, option for NW led, etc) Apart for being smaller and being able to carry it in a pocket

I see the L18 as a smaller T27, but I still prefer a thousand times the T27 with its USB C and NW XHP35 HI

The truly compact size shows the Manker MC13.
And even with the 18650 tube installed, it will be more compact than the L17.
So I bought a Manker. You get almost the same amount of light, but in a more compact size. + it is possible to make the flashlight an ultra-compact thrower (by installing the 18350 tube).

But now Acebeam has released the L18.
And this flashlight should throw much better than the L17 and MC13.
And this is already an argument to forgive him a little larger size.
This damn “arms race” will never end.)

I just watched a couple videos of the MC13 and was not impressed at all. I am glade I backed out of the deal, it would have been a waist of money for me. Super compact is nice but not my thing. I EDC the NSX3A and the Armytek Wizard Pro and have been for over a year now. I just got the XT45 and will start carry it. I have dedicated pockets for all my gear thanks to Helikon Tex clothing. Some people are very picky about weight and like a smaller torch and knife to EDC. I carry a custom Glock 35 which is a big sidearm and have been for over 10 years so weight is not an issue to me. I am use to carrying pounds not ounces of gear on me at all times. I like the look of the MC13 but with almost no spill lighting it’s not a light I would carry.

On this issue, I agree with you. l17 gives a more practical light for real use.
It uses a 2mm LED so the light is wider than the MC13 (but still throws far).
The MC13, the same as the LEP flashlight, is a very specialized light for special applications in life.

I think the L18 will also have a 1mm Osram LED (like the MC13). And unfortunately, it will also have less practicality and more “wow toys”
Let’s hope I’m wrong)

:+1: :smiley: Toys are nice.

I agree the L16 since launch has been a phenomenal light and finding a successor maybe futile, but as for USB charging I find its just another point for chance of failure. I generally carry spare cells and detest sidelining a light to “charge” it, now IF the USB charging had a “battery bank” feature IT might be worth considering for a last resort in an emergency to charge a phone if your too far from a power source etc.

Removing the integrated charging means you won’t be charging any other 21700 except for the included one. For outdoor/camping use, this is way less practical having to deal with 3 separate parts when disassembled, also you won’t be able to toss it in a backpack and charge because the battery could potentially short.

But hey if the price is right, just treat it like a flashlight without integrated charging. Nothing wrong with it!

Because it’s almost absurd how every single light that comes out apparently NEEDS to charge via USB-C. It adds up price, weight, size and creates a potential water entry point. I like to monitor my cells’ voltage and capacity when charging, so the lack of a usb c port isn’t a deal killer for me.

Good news!

Acbeam L18 now is available for pre-sale on

EC35 II, T27 and H30 have USB C with powerbank function, which is very useful

The L16 should have received an upgrade with USB C powerbank and 21700 cell, maybe improving the reflector to gain a few meters throw but no more.

I use my L16 with an L30 II 21700 tube and it’s one of my favourite lights