New Acebeam L18

New Acebean L18
1500 lumens 250000cd 1000 meters
Now it can run on 21700 battery.
Recently Acebeam was selling L17 at a good discount.
And now I understand why).
Probably those who bought the L17 at this sale will be upset)

L17 can be carried in a pocket whereas the L18 can’t

I have the L17 and I have 0 interest in this L18

It seems that Acebeam is removing the onboard charging in their new models, personally, I don’t like having the usb connector in the cell.

Yes, it is slightly larger. I agree.
But the difference is very small.

140.5mm (Length) x 40mm (Head Diameter) x 25.4mm (Tube Diameter)
Weight: 150g

154mm (Length) x 52.2mm (Head Diameter) x 25.4mm (Tube Diameter)
Weight: 147.5g

IMO 140x40mm isn’t pocket carryable to begin with. Perhaps a jacket pocket, but 154x52 is equally jacket pocket carryable.

I am appreciative of the L17 size. It would be a better light for mounting on a weapon for instance, since you wouldn’t be shooting out to 800 or a 1000 yards, it’s irrelevant the gain you get from the L18.

L18 does look good for what it is though.

Asking for a friend, where have you seen the good discounts for the L17?

$50.92 - after adding to the shopping cart on the Nitetorch website

From the look of this one image of the light, my guess is that it is using a B&M Optics T106-RL TIR with a Lambertian (‘smooth/even’) beam type. These can be used for either Cree or Osram emitters. Not sure which one is being used, or angle of TIR.

Might buy out of interest, and can compare to the L17.

10mm wider head is a very significant size difference IMO.

A bit shorter and it could be a great replacement for the GT mini.

This light has a TIR optical lens, does this mean it will have a a wider beam or bright spill around the hot spot?


This maybe the L16 upgrade I’ve been hoping for, skipped the L17 for lack of instant turbo and general UI I preferred from the L16. If this has the same UI as the L16 its a contender though the size is slightly larger its a fair trade off especially given the price difference as well.

Yes, good point. I can’t account for that in my guess. I did try searching for 47, 48, 49mm TIRs. I think I got lost in the similarity with what appears to be a concentric ribbed pattern in the light that corresponds to the TIR I mentioned.

So I may be well off the mark with my guess. Anyone else care to guess TIR and emitter?

I might add that Acebeam are breaking new ground here with the diameter of this TIR in this application…I wonder if this will be adopted with more manufacturers.

This is what the L17 should have been. The L17 is huge for an 18650 light and it is significantly larger than a 21700 Fireflies E07 or E01. Acebeam should have just made it a 21700 light.

I assumed the notably smooth tube on the L17 and possibly battery choice was a nod towards a 1 inch convention in traditional weapons mounting hardware. And the L17 does have a tail switch which significantly adds to length when compared to what is possible with neck switches. I expect that the absence of old skool knurling on the tube of the L18 is also taking into account weapon mounting compatibility.

IMHO the L18’s addition to the line up perhaps introduces a bit if a ‘Mish Mash’ element to their product offer since it is a different battery size (and tube width), with a different switch option and reportedly a different beam style. Perhaps the ultimate tactical/hunters light would be a combination of features on the two lights. Maybe future sales will steer Acebeam towards the best features of both.

I expect I’ll make my own mind up when I (once again) up open the wallet to have this light next to my L17. (and E10, TK’s, K3OGT, K65GT). Ouch.

I do see them as a company that is not afraid to produce on the bleeding edge of performance/innovation (coupled with quality) even if that leaves them open to criticism.

I really like the L17. It’s a pretty amazing flashlight, and it’s not perfect, but for a TIR optic light with a sub 40mm head and 2mm2 led it’s pretty remarkable. I welcome the L18 and hope they are using a Boost HX in it. I think it could crack 900m with a bigger head/optic and a brighter led. The W2 in the L17 is being driven really hard as it is, but doesn’t crack 715 meters throw.

L18 has the same small focused hotspot as L17,
visualize a Laser:

If you want 18650 power in a LEP Killer, buy L17
If you want to use 21700 power in a LEP Killer, buy L18
and get 20% more throw.

now you see the brilliance of the marketing plan

I’m referring to the L18….thanks

why are you talking about LEP if these lights were never LEP?

the tube diameter is the same for both lamps. It’s 25.4mm