[New Arrival] Sofirn SD01Pro Diving Flashlight

Hello BLFers, Sofirn SD01Pro diving flashlight is available now. SD01 Pro are powerful waterproof flashlights for scuba diving and other outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing. It features three XHP50.2 LEDs each for 10000 lumens powered by 4* 18650 Li-on battery. SD01Pro is brighter than SD01.

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From 16th, September to 31th, October.

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Wow! And the product page says powered by 4x 18650, whew. You scared me for a minute. 10k lumens from 1x 18650 would be awfully short runtime ;).

Barry, great to see more products become available!

There are a large number of people here wanting a very simple magnetic ring controlled flashlight the size of an SP35 and using ATR. Will this ever be considered?

I made a mistake, thank you for put me right.

Do you mean 21700 compact flashlight? or smaller one like DF10?

Small head like the DF10, but with a 21700 ideally.

But honestly, even just re-releasing the DF10 with the modes adjusted for no strobe or sos.

Modes something like 1000, 400, 150, 30, 2. Samsung 351D.

If charging could be added somehow this would make it perfect! If not, make sure springs are long enough for batteries with built in charging.

Many hundreds of members and myself wish for a light like this to gift to our family members who are not enthusiasts. I’d buy one for myself, my sisters, mother, grandfather and girlfriend. So that’s 6 for me.

what if the battery is not replaceable? If you are good st DIY, you can replacement new battery but for muggles, it will be easy to use.

Does it have to be as small as possible? Does it have to be waterproof as dive light?

Actually Djozz talked with me about the kind of light called called "grandma light" which means very easy to use. But the key is cost has to be low enough which is the most difficult matter to conquer.

It will be very helpful if there is a big interest list for the edc light with easy operation and easy to charge.

I hadn’t seen the DF10 before. I’m liking this design, except for the blink modes on it. SOS is totally unnecessary. Would be nicer to see 5 brightness modes instead of 3. And maybe a hidden strobe (e.g. you have to go back/forth from high/med twice quickly to activate) so it’s not easy to accidentally invoke it.

As for the SD01Pro triple reflector design… I’m just curious why this was chosen. It’s a rather old concept that was pioneered earlier by some of the major players (Nitecore, Fenix) and then copied a lot by smaller brands. Seems there’s quite a bit more work to machine for 3 separate sockets and conduits rather than doing a triple emitter cluster with a single reflector.