New arrivals - 17mm Cree XM-L/XM-L2 1-Mode 3.0V-18V Circuit Board -

A good driver board for DIY your Flashlight.

Nice. 17mm and 3V-18V.
Too bad it’s only 2A. It would be nice if it were 3A.
Good for running 2 x CR123.


Can it be modded with a lower sense resistor for more amps?

Why these Chinese specify USA as their location?


Sorry,Let you misunderstood,this is one of my mistake,right now.

Can you answer my previous question? Thnx!

Prices seem high in general but they do have an impressive selection of aspherics.

I took the bait and bought some drivers… and let’s see if I can add resistor to it… it’s seems plausible as it has 2 R500 on it :wink:

DayLighter what you have posted is not a buck driver.

I didn’t say it was buck driver… I just posted what I ordered :stuck_out_tongue:

If I use this driver on a 12v car can I string three XM-L2 emitters in series using one driver?


this just arrived today. it is a 1amp driver! not 2amp as advertised. what a bunch of l!@8$

i’ll try to change the sense resistor later…

It’s rated for input of 3V to 18V. It may only produce 2A with a high input voltage.

i used 12v with 3 XML’s in series. got 1A

then i tried 2 XML’s in series. same 1A

stock sense resistor is R250. i paralleled an R100. got 2.65A, so yes it’s usable just be prepared to have to mod it

can you just remove the R250 and just installed R100 instead?

I’ll be receiving my drivers soon… it’s in US sorting center now :slight_smile:

yes you could do that. this was just a preliminary test so i just soldered the R100 on top of it coz it’s easier

my target current is actually around 2.5A. it’s gonna be a DIY lightbar with 15 XML’s using 5 of these drivers

That would give you higher resistance and thus lower current, resistors in parallel always add up to less than the lowest value one.

R100 is 0.1 ohms, R250 is 0.25 ohms ( 0.1 and 0.25 in parallel equals 0.071 (, which is lower than either one alone.

I wonder if you can get different modes. Seems like a waste of an MCU to just have one mode.

This driver looks interesting. Does anyone know if it has last mode memory? I tried googling and searching a little bit, but gave up. It looks familiar though.