New at DX

An odd-looking 18650 stainless steel light. Looks vaguely like some sort of medical equipment. Old LED, but 4700K.

Could I resist it?


Though I suspect it might well get modded and that hood at the front cut back a bit.

Quite odd indeed. From the emitter to the shroud. Your allusion to medical equipment seems quite apropos...possibly for those awkward over 50 physicals? I definately look forward to hearing your review on it.

KD is selling that as a Tank007. I'm not sure I understand the piont of shrinking down the business end of the light.

i though i seen a similar one labeled like that , to check the quality or something

Jade, I think. That stuff is horribly expensive but makes the best pestles for lab work. Presumably one illuminates it to check for flaws.

Many ebay sellers offered similar flashlights for jewelry making/checking purposes... who knows...

It looks like the hybrid offspring produced from a hollow point pistol bullet and a die from my hole punching kit... I like it. Nice neutral white tint too!

8B isn't even close to neutral - more like 2700-2900K having checked the Cree charts ( page eight).

Sounds like modding will be needed. Probably something like an XP-G neutral which might not need a driver swap. And ten minutes with a bench grinder.

Ooops! It is a bit on the yellow side, isnt it. Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll ship something around 5B.

I could always go to the other extreme and fit a cyan or dental blue LED in it. There is nothing like cyan light to make everyone look like a corpse. Great for zombie movies. ;)

Yeah the flashlights with those odd bezels are normaly listed as being for checking jade.

I don't remember having seen that body before, it woudl be very nice with a normal flat bezel.

That's a jewelry-checking bezel, all right. Normally these kinds of lights are incandescent because contrast and color rendition is critical. I suppose a very warm-tinted LED would be the next best thing.

Just noticed this at KD -

Suspiciously familiar looking, but now a Tank007.