New batteries and flashlights in BuyInCoins

Can't find a better way to link to them (their category system isn't precise enough, and no way to order by date except by watching all new products...), so here's just the complete list of new batteries and flashlights, I think some of them are good deals:

I hope BIC gets stronger in the flashlight/DIY area, their prices are generally lower than the competitors, which is good news for us... :)

wow, that is an improvement. just went through their whole flashlight section a few days ago and don't think any of the lights were there. thanks

Hmmm. . . looks like some good prices on protected Sanyo 2600's, but what's the difference between them? Obviously the one is branded "MarsFire" (as seen at Manafont), but what's the difference between the other two? One says "with protected RG" - what's that? I'm guessing that the first one is not protected even though the product description says "protected". And can they be trusted to be true Sanyo's?


Thanks, very cheap!!

WTF? OK, eye of the beholder I know. This beholder thinks this is one fugly torch.

reminds me of your avatar image... lol

I see your point, thats one handsome dude.

has anyone tried the 26650? how much current can they deliver?


That thing looks like they made a mistake, I think it belongs on the NaughtyExtreme section of the site.

This thing looks suspiciously like my Sky Ray 818. If it is, it's worth maybe $25. Complete junk.

On the other hand, I sure do like that 3 x T6 guy. And, I'm going to buy some batteries.


Tried to register. Was too hard.


Just wanted to throw in that I'm a very happy customer of theirs for at least a year now. Prices are unbeatable and they ship fast. Never had any reason to contact customer service which is a good thing I guess!

Hmm nice link!


The protected panasonic NCR18650A are tempting me since Intl did not offer a better solution for buyers with the original blue ones, but who knows they might be good they might cut at 2A.

Well at least there putting on clear wrap so you can see the cell used , only question needing answering , how good is the protection circuit .

I have this one and I love it:

Buyincoins is a reputable supplier, in case of any issue, - they will resolve it without delay.

I'm about to order some stuff and would like to know if anyone can help me what the difference between the green Sony and red Sanyo cells is?

Which one should I get? The price is nearly the same. I guess Sanyo is better?

Hay anybody tested these Sony, Panasonic and now Samsung batts from buyincoins??

Are they new or “saved” from old laptop batteries?

Originals?? I mean, prices are really good.—18650%20battery——2.html

Any comments, predictions?

I mean, they even written “original” in description.

Is it possible that they would do that and knowingly sell fakes?

I have Sony n Sanyo 18650 batteries from them unprotected. They function well and could output 3amps wo problems.