NEW!! Best budget soldering station ever?

AIXUN T3A Soldering Station Review

The New Zealand youtuber is highly respected in the minds of his viewers & followers, and he calls it a "no-brainer". I actually appreciate him (his videos) more than the EEVblog guy.

I haven't gotten around to buying a soldering iron or modding electronics, repairing cables/connectors but the day will come, i guess. And this product would be on top of my buying selection, solely because of this single one youtube review.

Maybe we can gather our thoughts, criticism, and experience with the product here. If it is that good of a product, i am sure that there will be more reviews by serious youtubers.

So what do you think?

yeah I saw it some time ago,the advantage over the T12 clones and the TS100 would be the JBC C245 tips which have a lower resistance than the T12 ones and so can make use of the 200W station. For MCPCB soldering it can be usefull to have more punch.

There is a discussion thread on eevblog forums here

Although for a Chinese clone station it’s starting to get a bit expensive

Thanks for your input!
Seems to be a popular topic on the EEVblog forum, good to see!! (i haven’t visited EEVblog forum or youtube in ages)
With such popularity, chances are that the EEVblog guy might do a review too?

There’s also a T3B Soldering Station. That one is expensive.

Well, $200 isn’t directly “budget”
Those T12-Tip stations are dirt cheap and so are the tips.

I wouldn’t want to give away the hot swap feature with T12 Tips either.

I see them around 120$, still quite a bit more than the T12 clones for sure.


I paid $19 for this one with a Vipon code — with a HAKKO chisel tip it has no problem soldering a driver to a P60 copper triple shell — I’m still amazed

I’m glad it works well :slight_smile: One thing to watch out for with budget options like this is a possible lack of protection if something goes wrong, if you get a short you can potentially end up with a tip that is directly connected to the mains supply.

I am thinking about one of these, the extra power would make soldering and MCPCB so much easier compared to my T12 irons!

KSGER T12 Soldering Station
Ksger soldering iron

I have used this one for over a year and it works very well for the price, build quality is great. I read that this has no issues with shorting to mains.

There is a long thread on the eevblog about this iron.
Seems to be quite positive. I’d consider this if I didn’t already have too many soldering stations already…

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This is the cheapo soldering station that I bought on Amazon 5 years ago for $33. Still working great, although I needed to replace 1 of the soldering tips since it worn out. If it ever goes bad, I don’t think I would pay more for a premium model.