New BLF GT Narsil M Cheat Sheet for v1.2 NEW VERSION

It appears I am the only one that is going to say this, but I decided not to buy a flashlight with Narsil now that I have seen this. Honest.

I show going from ramping to mode sets and then back again in my video.

Seen what?

Once you try Narsil you will want all your lights to have it. It’s a simple ramping up and down. Just leave everything at default levels and enjoy. Lol

Cool... Thanks...

Believe it or not mine printed out correctly the first try lol... Even I didn't expect that as my printer skills change with each printer model upgrade.

Thanks again.

Hm, have you an idea where you get stucked?

Switch from RAMPING to MODES
(you hold for a long time, if you ramp down it’s easier on the eyes)

- hold for 8sec,

- after two short blinks and one blink, — do a single click (1x).

  • The lamp continues to blink out configuration for MODES.

(Basically it is holding the button till it blinks 2x and 1x and than a double click shuts RAMPING on.
Or a single click shuts it off.)

- Now you can wait till the lamp is gone through the rest of the config menu.

  • The lamp will blink four times short when finished.

Or if you don’t want to wait you do a click and hold till the lamp blinks four times.

Sorry, I can’t explain it better.

If you tackle the hurdle can you please report back what the problem was?

Can you please edit the typo?
two clicks enables ramping

And thanks for the help here in the thread!!
Can you tell me why you get the stuff and others have so a hard time?

Oops. It’s fixed:)


I think one thing that would make the cheat sheet easier to read would be to make one section of it for ramping and another for discrete modes.There is a LOT of information that needs to be communicated in there, but when I’m in ramping, I don’t care in the least about what clicks do in discrete mode, and vice versa.

I’m willing to take a stab at it, do I recall that there is a link somewhere with non PDF version of the data you have compiled?

PS - one typo I did see was in the tip of the the hat to me (thank you) re the larger rolled version - only 1 ‘z’ in Lazy-R-us :smiley:

I simply love the Q8 UI the way it comes out of the box. Yes, it can take a little playing with it to learn the length of press to turn on or off. I had more of an issue with finding off at first. I absolutely love the ramping and the simple way to change direction. I love it so much I have not bothered to explore the discrete modes option.

joechina is it you intention that in your latest cheat sheet only version 1.0 is listet under Overview Click Sequences?

Yes, I’m sure. This thread is from July 2017.

Wait, I think I see your confusion. You are mixing up the older Narsil with the newer NarsilM.

Lots of people confuse them because they don’t notice the M on the end. (Blame Tom E for the similar names. I think it was his doing. :stuck_out_tongue: )

The latest version is currently NarsilM v1.0.

NarsilM v1.2 is being tested currently and will be out soon.

What JasonWW said. :slight_smile:
Read please the sentence in the cheat sheet above your mark in the right corner.
There is Narsil and NarsilM
M stands for Multichannel. The firmware supports up to 3 output channels.


Damn it. I have NarsilM 1.2 already on my Q8 and was thinking the newest Cheat Sheet already took the new features into account. My fault.

So you updated your Q8 yourself?

Here’s some notes for NarsilM v1,2.

For Vers 1.2 2017-10-16:

ADDED : (from MAD777, maybe others) if strobes are disabled, a 2X click from 2X turbo should restore the previous level you were at
FIXED: 4X clicks in modes operation engages lockout - not supposed to
ADDED: operation change: make click&hold in MODES or STROBES wrap from 1st mode to last
FIXED: in LVP switch LED control: the LED sometimes is left on after an LVP drop, and is not blinking the way it should be. The "bug" is that I'm trying to control the switch LEDs from multiple places so it's getting turned off quickly after turned on, and left on when it should be left off. It's a timing thing, so has sort of a random pattern - sometimes left on, sometimes left off. The 8 sec LVP blink need to be qualified better, and should not be calling Setlevel() as is because it wants to control the LED
FIXED: temp stepdown should not happen right away from turn ON. Delay it by 15 seconds
FIXED: for temperature stepdown, in moon mode, a temp stepdown is actually done because moon mode is marked as special level 255, which is considered as a high level of output instead of very low. The stepdown results in the light switching much brighter. This should only happen id the temperature threshold is set to a low temp, or the light is still hot and not cooled down when moon mode is chosen. It can also result in an immediate jump to the stepdown level as soon as the light is turned on in moon mode. Might appear as a bright flash when ramping first starts.

There's more previously implemented:
- added momentary/tactical mode via 5X clicks in ramping mode - only active til a power reset (full turbo only when switch is held down) - It's only accessible from ramping mode, not Mode Set operation
- full BLF GT buck driver support
- capability of setting max ramping to less than full max FET (Hi mode), while the 2X click still goes to full FET turbo. This is being used for the GT buck driver configuration.
- added more compile switches, little better custom configuration of the source in header files

I’m sure it’s just a matter of time and we will get a cheatsheet for this new UI.

Yes I flashed it today. Don´t know why, but somehow I thought was for NarsilM 1.2 already... I think I´m getting old

No, I want to release wenn v1.2 is no longer beta.
And i try to find a way to keep the versions for GT and Q8 in sync. Right now it will be manual copy + paste.

The newest on the Google drive has the modes table changed to be the same as in the manual.
And the notes below as user help.

A problem is it was never intended to use the CS without reading the manual first. But it seems people jump on the cheat sheet first.

The Cheat Sheet for NarsilM v1.2 is ready.
NarsilM CS v12 Q8 2017-11-23.pdf

I also made a Rev. C for NarsilM v1.0
I hope it’s the last one
NarsilM CS v10 Q8 2017-11-23.pdf
(only Lazy-R-us must update :slight_smile: )

Both are under
The name key:
CS cheat sheet
v10 version number v1.0
Q8 Lamp (GT should follow soon)
date (more newer, more better, more stuffed)

That’s great.

Thank you joechina

+1. Nice work. :+1:

Great News. Thanks :)