New BLF GT Narsil M Cheat Sheet for v1.2 NEW VERSION

two new cheat sheets for NarsilM v1.2 are up

- one for the Q8
only mayor change is a link to a video for beginners to program Narsil.
BLF Q8 Flashlight Review - YouTube from 8min30sec on
Name is:
NarsilM CS v12 Q8 2017-12-03

- one for the BLF GT
Name is:
NarsilM CS v12 GT 2017-12-03

Look for it under

BLF-GT user manual V1.2 draft

Link below:

BLF-GT user manual draft12.pdf

How do I get into moon mode with the “modes” setting?

Simply turn on moonlight in the settings, then it becomes part of the normal levels.

For instance, with all the default settings, if you switch to mode sets you will have 4 brightness levels. If you turn on moon mode, you will now have 5 brightness levels.

I found a review with two nice UI-Diagramms for the Q8.
Maybe they are better to understand. The setup / programming part is missing.
Look here:
[Review] Thorfire BLF Q8 ... 5K lumen designed by FLASHAHOLICS! | Candle Power Flashlight Forum!

Hey Joe - these cheat-sheets are a fabulous piece of work!

Would never know where to start without your and CRX diagrams handy. Incredible firmwares between Tom E and ToyKeeper's offerings.

Between all the various versions, settings, configurations in just Narsil, Bistro & Anduril, plus juggling all the other niche, budget and designer flashlights with their own UIs, it's becoming impossible to figure everything out without a guide. And I consider myself a techy, flashaholic with a good memory!

I'll even admit that many of the more advanced UIs I frequently end up resorting to a Reset, just to make sure I haven't left it in some ridiculous mode or advanced setting!

Anyway, was just wondering if there are any plans or status for the NarsilM v1.3 guide?

It's the default UI on the Astrolux S43 since 2018, and Banggood are even linking to draft documentation in their product pages:

Operation Instroctions:
Click Here To Get: User Manua1
Click Here To Get: User Manual2 ( Detailed Explanation Of The Manual )

Assume you'd provided these and agreed to their dissemination, so hoped there was an official version to become available on your Google Drive...

All the best and thanks again for all the hard work and continued efforts,