New Build. Yep, its a useless pedal light. mfpmax has suggested a self defense light.

This just happened and it is not likely to happen again. This may just be the most useless flashlight ever made. Sorry for the crappy picture. PM me what you think it is and well see who gets it right. There may be a prize for the correct answers in a draw. Then maybe there wont be. Anyway have fun and all comments good or bad will be taken on the chin.

Thanks for joining in. Here's a few more shots of this absolutely fantastically useless light. It started of at work the other day when one of the guys there bought a new set of pedals for his bike and this was getting thrown out. I should of let him throw it out.

And the best cigar grip in the whole flashlight world.

LED engagement ring ?

my first impression was a built in light on an old style bike or motorcycle, but it looks like the side of a bicycle pedal (or possibly the side of a motorbike pedal)

Its not a Jag diff.


Ok, its not any kind of differential.

Are you making two ?

Absolutely no way. Do you want the blueprints?

neutral white 3C prints would be preferable

The guardians of Oa have fallen on hard times. This is a chinese power ring.

Neutral white 3C prints would be preferable? Must be a yuppy thing. I could spend the next three months in Photoshop turning blueprints into 3C tints but I aint. If I gave you the blueprints anyway I reckon you would only try and pedal them.

No, it won’t fit the yammy.

How many cycles can you get out of the battery ?

It wont fit the Yamahahaha?

up to your old trx ?

I'll pay that one. No TRX though. How was the trip?

its a pedal, but if that’s right, how can you make just one?!

Someone wanted to include there sweety in the flashlight hobby

Do you want to know so that you may pedal something? Unless its pain killers I'm not interested in your pedaling. You guys are to smart for me. I reckon a donation will have to go somewhere. Any thoughts, keeping in mind the wife does not make that much money. She working three jobs I should be loaded. (If you think I'm a p___k for talking like this we have been going out with each other since 1980 and the girl I married gives it back better than I give it to her). If she worked another two jobs I would be able to retire.

My trip starts soon. I’m hoping my Terminator gets here first.

You should write up your trip, most guys here would be impressed.
Any pics of wild/amazing/interesting/kooky machines ?
Was it dry ?