New build. Yes, another P60.

A bunch of bits.

No tear drops for the tailcap. We have projectiles.

The screw in pill. The pill thread is M20x1mm (standard P60 thread) which the reflector screws onto. When this is assembled it threads into the head. The driver is a BLF 15mm 7135 which sits in the pill. The driver retainer is threaded in from the battery tube side.

The head. The inner thread is for the pill and driver retainer while the outer thread surrounding it is for the battery tube.

The LED is a XPE2 torch led sitting on a 16mm Noctigon.

The battery tube.

Put together we have a torch.

Very nice, I like it :THUMBS-UP:

well done

/\\\ What they both said…. :THUMBS-UP:

Very Nice Indeed —-my shipping address —— //////// Baton Rouge,La

Always good seeing your work DNF :GLASSES:

At first glance I though you were perusing the personals … :)) :smiley: 8^)

Wauw you done it again!

That is a very nice looking light! I like the size/shape and I love the outside design elements! :LOVE:

Thanks all for the comments. :THUMBS-UP:
Last night l did some run time testing. The driver pumps a massive 1.7 amps into the little XPE2 Torch led which gives enough output to put a decent amount of light on the test tree at 115 meters.
With an LG D1 at 4,2 volts (maximum voltage of this cell is 4.35 volts) output remained at a near on constant reading for 85 minutes. It was interesting to watch the output decline very slowly a few percent for 15 minutes at which point the light was to hot to touch. A fan was used to cool the light at 25 minutes. The light output returned to the initial reading at startup when the light had cooled to not much above room temp and remained there for a total of as mentioned 85 minutes.
The firmware in the driver is TK’s Biscotti.

I like the threaded connection to the head, it resolves the biggest drawback of the P60 design which is a floating pill/reflector assembly improving both thermal and electrical conductivity. Pretty nice on the rest too as usual.

Nice job MRsDNF. Where did you get the “bunch of bits” from? Did you make them?

Yes. It was two days work. I’m not as quick as I was once. :slight_smile:

well done mrs dnf.
keep up the good work !

Very cool. It has a classy look. I am a sucker for Tear Drops. :beer:

Wow. Such pretty thread work :THUMBS-UP:

Nice conceptual work Steve, difficult to come up with something that hasn’t been done already. :wink:

This one is for Denise. I still have Robs bike light to do. the one you wouldn’t help me out on. :stuck_out_tongue:

The cad! How rude. I fart in his general direction. :wink:

Thanks for the backup. :THUMBS-UP:

Very impressive work :THUMBS-UP: