New bunch of XM-L today at DX (14 new lights!)

14 new XM-L lights at DX today!

Some P60, some old aurora bodies.... interesting... but... the 2 mode ones... Are done with resistor at tailcap? no electronics, like old P7 aurora 2 mode....

504B black XM-L 1 mode
504B black XM-L 5 mode
504B silver XM-L 1 mode
504B silver XM-L 5 mode

UltraFire TH-T60 5 mode
UltraFire TH-T60 2 mode

UltraFire KH-T60 5 mode
UltraFire KH-T60 2 mode

UltraFire NH-T60 5 mode
UltraFire NH-T60 2 mode

UltraFire NF-T60 5 mode

UltraFire KF-T60 5 mode
UltraFire KF-T60 2 mode

1000-1200 lumens. Overrated......

Thanks for the links.....gotta go check them out.

Wait, the lumens are overrated? LOL

Forget the lights ... I want that


I know DX lumens claim is all over the board, but why are some XM-L lights rated at 1,200 lumens, 1,000 lumens and the ones on here @ 510 lumens? Do some have better drivers? They're all listed as T6 so what gives?

The ones stating the 510 lumens also stated they are driven at a regulated 1400 ma (1.4a) while the 1200 lumen claims are driven at 3000 ma (3a)

Dx shXt me. My order was "packaging" for weeks and then I ask to cancel it - so they post it. I'd rather pay a few dollars more at KD and manafont etc.

sorry not really off topic as I ordered my xml light after seeing a "whats new at dx thread". Still waiting.....

More XML!

2x18650 XML light

Big XML dropin (posibly for mag mods)

Both links won't work for me for some reason in both IE and Firefox.

They work check again

I think this is aimed at the TR-1200/WF-500 type of lights rather than Maglites - it seems a little on the large side for a Mag dropin. The Mag head is a little under 52mm inside diameter. I think. The Mag replacement lenses are 52mm in diameter and are larger than the inside diameter of the Mag head. If it will fit in a Mag head you'd either need to use a 5 or 6D since it gives a minimum voltage of 5.8V. It would probably run for a very long time on full output in a 6D but that is hardly a pocket light.

But it is quite possible I am wrong - it wouldn't be the first time.

Don: I think you're absolutely right about the dropin being for UltraFire WF-500. If you look closely you can see the threads at the end of the reflector which is the way you install the reflector in the WF-500. And the contact springs looks to fit the WF-500 to.

To bad about the flashing modes though...

They work just fine now. Thanks fran.

i got a 4d mag led that could use an update. did search and came up with this not so budget dropin

4D mag? There are a lot of options for that one as long as you don't mind a bit of dyi. A pretty simple one would be the 5xR2 drop-in from dealextreme for about $33

New XML and... a new.... new... what????

UniqueFire M9 XML 1 mode
UniqueFire M9 XML 3 mode

Another TrustFire TR1200? 35 dolares? cheaper? what differences from the old one??¿?¿?¿

Those Ultrafire 504 XM-Ls for $20 seems like an outstanding deal. I couldn't build one for that; the stainless bezel ring alone is $2.50 at Solarforce and figure $10 for the host. If Manafont came on here with a cash-back campaign that netted an XM-L drop-in for $7.50, think there might be a stampede? These may or may not be the quality of a Solarforce but even so . . . am I talking myself into this or just pointing out the obvious?

Very good find, either way.


What we lack is good flashlight bodies (P60 and others) for cheap! At 5-6usd i would instantly get a few 504B or similars. But no1 i think is interested in seeling those with just 20% markup...

Yeah TrustFire X8 (complete kit) at DX

And another not XML, but SST 50, TrustFire X7, another complete kit

I know it's not going to happen but I wish they'd just knock it off with the box sets. The box itself makes shipping uneconomical for most HK-based retailers, which in turn unnecessarily increases the price. The batteries are almost always unprotected and/or of questionable quality and the chargers tend to not exactly inspire confidence. *steps off soap box, stops preaching to the choir and grabs another slice of cold pizza* ;)