New CNQG house brand lights

A little birdie tells me CN Quality Goods will be introducing their own store brand in the very near future. Any word of this yet? I'm curious to see if Ric has put together some of the feedback received from this forum and combines it with his own interest in flashlights to give us (the consumer) something a little different from the generic budget stuff. Hopefully it's an opportunity taken to try something innovative and not just a cheap store brand knockoff.

Btw, I informed Ric of the MF special edition light to maybe invoke a little friendly competition

I'd buy more stuff from CNQG if they could get a grip on shipping times. Same thing with DX and KD. I'll pay 1 or 2 bucks more for the same thing at MF just to get it here in 10-14 days. It's embarrassing when my wife asks me "so what did you order that came today?" and it has been so long that I honestly can't remember...

I fell ya. However, I'm currently experiencing the long shipping times with MF so I don't know of who to rely on anymore. Honestly, I'm kind of leaning towards buying exclusively on ebay unless I'm REALLY in no hurry at all. The power of the feedback systems keeps those sellers somewhat accountable.

Anyway, back on topic... Ric says "testing" is still being done so maybe that means they actually started from scratch with this new brand.

They do offer EMS, which is generally $2-3 more than registered air parcel, and DHL, which is generally $5-6 more than Registered air parcel.

The sweet spot is sometimes 2 lights and maybe 3 batteries or something. I encountered once in which the DHL was $21 and registered air parcel $20.

I'll get it the next day usually after the DHL courier collects from CNQG, 3AM flight from HKG Chek Lap Kok to SIN Changi 6.45 arrival, and in my office either by 12 noon or 4pm (depends on morning or afternoon delivery beat). There are 2 daily flights by HK Air which DHL uses. Customs is usually a 15 min affair. <- this which i am quite surprised at the efficiency, SG Customs & Excise is extremely fast with the scanning.

HKG -> USA would definitely magnify the deficiencies of normal air mail more.


One of these new house brand lights should be coming out soon. Too bad it's only a CR123. Too bad for ME anyway! haha

I guess since he's about to release the product it's definitely a reality so might as well not keep the brand name a mystery - it's Apex.

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