【New Concept】Pinky Finger Size Flashlight 500lumens!!400M Lrradiation Distance!!Have Unzip Gyro!!

ML1 Appearance After multiple versions of experiments, this shape is determined, the head and tail are stainless steel, and the 7075 fuselage

Hello,BLF friends,I am an EDC flashlight enthusiast, and I have collected many products on the market. Now I want to make a flashlight according to my own ideas, and I want to hear your opinions on this product.I hope everyone will comment on this product, I would love to hear ideas

This is a sketch:
2.Have Type-c Charger
3.Max 500lumens
4.The light Irradiation Distance is 400 Meters
5.Approximate Size:60* 25*15mm
6.There are more spinning tops at the tail, which increases the fun and decompresses
7.There are six colors of luminous strips on the spinning top.

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Super mini size, but high lumens and long irradiation distance,Then, there’s the spinning top at the tail

Thanks for joining the party, EDC-Jason!

I’m definitely interested in what you come up with. No suggestions, i just want to watch. Looks and sounds like a cool light :+1:

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I like this idea. Make it unique. The LED choice is important here, probably a Osram Boost HL? Its efficient and powerful. 14500 battery (user replaceable, please). Don’t need Anduril for this one since there are a lot of other great UIs that don’t require Googling for a novice user. I really liked the Skilhunt E2A host.

it would br cool to have the smallest 18350 mini thrower. or 14500 at the smallest. like actually useful instead of novelty. gt nano kind of fumbled with that 80mAh cell.

yes,Is to use one of the Osram.Regarding the question of battery replacement, if the style is popular, I will develop a series of models, using different batteries, the smallest is 10220, 110mAh (this is the current one)


Thank you very much for your pertinent advice, I have thought about it too,When designing this model, I was considering whether to make a 10-size battery or a 14 or 18 larger capacity battery.Then I thought, why not set up a series of them, hehe~

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I’m very sorry to bother you again, what does Don’t need Anduril mean, which means direct drive? Turbo mode is direct drive.Other modes are also the easiest one click to turn on/toggle

This is a simple rendering, I think the biggest feature is the spinning top at the end, hehe. Then I actually checked the effect of the luminous strip, and I feel that green and red are more distinctive, it seems that six colors are not needed

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i like that idea of different cell tubes! keep it as stubby looking as possible. might even increase the size of the reflector to body ratio for more “mini-ness”.

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I‘m caming!I’ve been too busy recently,I have been collecting and making accessories, and now I am almost done.I can’t help but show off the semi-finished product,hehe

Osram lamp beads, a small episode: I forgot the temperature of the copper plate when soldering, and directly touched it

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I like the texture on the head and the spinning top on the tail

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I need a little help with the gyro length and color .
There are two sizes, which one do you like more
A and B,B is longer

about color:
I find that black and stainless steel don’t go very well together,So I think that maybe blue or army green would be better?

i like the spinnig tailcap. can you attach a magnet and clip to it so they all spin as one? so maybe use the tailcap for a headlamp ez adjustment. nice

Nice copy of the Lumintop GT Nano.

Why stainless steel and not just clear anodized aluminum? Direct drive will cause some heat, and the weight of SS makes this Nano unsuitable as a keychain light.