New D.Q.G Tiny AAA

Limited Edition.

  • New logo
  • CW/WW emitter not specified but most likely CREE XP-G2
  • 1.2-1.5V only
  • GITD tail
  • Hi>Lo>Strobe
  • 35hrs runtime @5lm.
  • New plastic tube packaging

Noooo it’s not a clicky!!! :frowning:

Any price range yet?

they should have removed the strobe.

So it’s twisty now?

Switch takes up space.

I saw this site having a promo at ~$17... quite tempted. I am unable to confirm this is an authentic D.Q.G as it is not listed on DQG official site yet. Close up photos are very convincing though.

What can i say, don’t buy dqg twisty lights.

They eat the orings right?

So far my Tiny AA is working well. Can't say about other models though. What else do you recommend small lights?

Hmm. I have yet to experience it. Warsun does chew up quite a bunch.

I do agree.

In use as a ‘back-up’ light the smaller twisty size is appealing- that’s why I just got a CooYoo Quantum instead. If timing is everything that explains why I ain’t got nuthin.


This looks good apart from the strobe.

I have the dqg tiny aaa 4, and the hobi, which I keep in my jacket pocket during the winter months where I have to walk through a cemetery from work to my car.

The aaa has eaten two orings since I’ve had it, until I realised you have to be careful when putting the tube back on after checking battery. It’s been fine since.

Could do with an 85 lumen version of this light, that also has a middle mode of maybe 30 lumens.

I love the smallness and lightness of dqg lights. Real every day carry.I don’t notice they are there until I need them.


Oooh. More details please!

Quoted from D.Q.G Design's webpage:

D.Q.G Tiny 18650 also is the world smallest 18650 flashlight using single 18650 Li-ion battery, only 86-91mm in length, and 22-24.5mm in diameter.

New version! (4th 2015-10-15) is come out, hard anodized, very nice color and hardness (along come with classic black version).

Output: low/middle/high/turbo 3.5/85/300/800lm

Side clicks (new program):

Single click low, double clicks middle, three clicks high, and hold on for 1S to reach turbo mode from standby;

After on, hold on to change output level, low/middle/high in turn, double click to get turbo, maintain 1min or just single click return origin level; single click to shutdown light.

Standby current around 1uA, if you still worry about it, simply loosen tail cap around 1/4 turn to cut off electric connection of battery.

Not much difference.

Who would really be interested in a strobe function on such a small light? I just don’t get it.

I love my Tiny 18650 III, this V4 looks great too… I like the turbo from off, and hopefully the switch is a bit more recessed…. It looks like a different switch, so that may be a possibility.

I agree on the tiny AAA, why the strobe?