【New design update】Design together Wurkkos AA/14500 Light/headlamp

Right, this are good points!
I’ll let it try, because there not many this 14500 lights with charging and for me this is just good compromise. The major thing which lacks for me is Anduril but other parts made it up.

PS. I don’t ask how you lost mag charger :wink:

I don’t see how swapping out a battery allows the light to stay on constantly without needing to touch it

You say you travel that way, via air in USA? Because TSA has given me smoke over spare lithium batteries

But was it white smoke, or black smoke? :grin:

Seriously, next time they try and be cute, show them their own rules: What Can I Bring? All | Transportation Security Administration.

In summary, you can bring an unspecified number of Li-ion batteries in your carry-on luggage, each one up to 100Wh (a 14500 battery is 5Wh maximum, so even if the limit of 100Wh were for all batteries, you’d be able to carry 20 of them, which I think ought to be enough for most trips).

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Bruh, I definitely will, thanks for sharing this

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You are welcome! :+1::+1::+1:

Interestingly enough, looks like there were similar discussions when the proto-ts10 was introduced.

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i get your point about safety but i have to say, these high power flashlights are not for 5yo kids and everyone older than that is really not expected to be so dumb to ignore warnings on the cover and dos and donts from me in my family… it’s rather a him problem if his low inteligence makes him a target of natural selection and you wouldn’t buy such person something unsafe in the first place… i see this as an overly theoretical problem to the most part and the risk we are facing with making something usb rechargable (not like there is already A LOT of flashlights with usb charging on the market and i’ve never heard about anyone getting injured because of it) is just well worth it to make the flashlight incomoarably more convenient and practical to use

the question of who is wurkkos making this for is unnecessary since everyone knows that every business’s primary concern is profit and the only way a brand could make a respectable profit from selling things to a very small niche customer base is to be an ultra premium brand selling very special stuff at ridiculous prices…
…wurkkos is a budget brand an so their target audience must be as big as possible and constantly growing in order to achieve respectable profits and noticable growth meaning it has to focus on mainstream market more than just on us…
wurkkos to me is a brand that tries to take the best and latest of this nieche market and shine with it on the mainstream market, pushing new standards there… at least that the strategy i would take trying to grow the business…

and even if i’m wrong about their strategy and they truly focus purely on us just like Hank does, i have to say i hate the lack of usb c port on the TS10 host… i won’t buy another edc pocket light without it but the problem is that there is noone in this market that would sell a usb c rechargeable 1500lumens of 4000k 95+cri with dead neutral tint in a TS10 sized host… that would be a perfect edc and noone does it (if yes, hit me up)

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thanks for a head up but i don’t see it as nowhere near an equivalent of the ts10/hd10 and i don’t have good experience with magnetic recharging… and i’d still have to remember to take the proprietary cable with me when traveling… not really an equivalent of the usb c

Yes my point entirely.

Sure, so they could just slap a 3mode driver and cool white LED inside, make outrageous lumen claims, then profit.

There’s loads of Joe public lights on the market, I suggest when manufacturers ask for BLF input, we ask them for stuff we want, not what mass market wants.

Nothing stopping them doing both the mainstream versions (without BLF input), and more enthusist versions. Use as many parts as possible between models to keep costs down.

Paramatrek database suggests nothing currently on the market fits your requirements, however, there are more options if you drop the 14500 requirement and go with 16340

I put 'em Somewhere Safe, so that I can’t lose 'em.

They then end up So Safe that I can’t find 'em again.

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Safest place possible! It’s now safe even from you! :rofl:

I don’t, nor do anyone I know carry a charger everywhere. If I am travelling I do carry one, but I also carry spare cells for any lights that I bring. When you say “everyone” that assumes too much. One of those “hasty generalizations”.

Not true… several here have already said that they do. Including me. Well, maybe no in my pockets, but easily accessible. Backpack, sling bag, car, at home…

Yes they can, if you want to do that. But it doesn’t mean that one way or another is correct for any one person and their use case.
As mentioned there is simply nothing of the size and utility of the TS10 made. If the arguments were so conclusive, I ma sure some enterprising manufacturer would have offered such. They have not. Another point is that (I think) the TS10 may be the light that has sold the most units of any since it’s introduction. It did top the list in a survey here for most popular light of 2022. So apparently the USB charging… or that absence of it, is not a deal killer for lots of people.

I just wish the TS10 was in fact dual fuel. There is just no way to argue the fact that there are many times more of common AA cells in circulation than 14500 cells. They will be much easier to come by if we have situation where the supply chain is disrupted. If power is out, that phone charger that you keep with you every second of everyday will be useless. I would rather have some light than no ligt! In any case, I am happy they did not waste the space on a USB port.

BTW, The TS10 that I carry daily lasts a couple of weeks between charges and I use it several times per day. I just keep the levels within reason for a light this size.

So, while you make some cogent arguments, (except for you unsupported generalizations, of course) they are all tied to your use case. Apparently none are deal killers for all of the folks that have bought the TS10 over the last couple of years. I happily carry one of my TS10s over any of the several other small lights that I own with USB ports.

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+1, I always carry extra batteries. To me it’s much faster, safer and more secure than depending on finding a working USB port in the middle of day-long hikes (but I carry an emergency powerbank just the same).

Well, maybe no in my pockets, but easily accessible. Backpack, sling bag, car, at home…

To complement @Mandrake50’s excellent response: please PLEASE don’t carry bare batteries in any pockets, always place them in protective battery cases, like this or that (I’ve been using one like the former for over 13 years now and it works great even if it looks flimsier than the other one).

yeah my point was about them asking us what we want as knowledgeable and experienced users, believing it could help them gain advantage on mainstream market too where people don’t realize how good something is until they are introduced to it…

but anyway, i’m not really speaking for people on mainstream market when i demand the usb c recharging, i speak for myself as a long term intensive user of 14500 sized pocket flashlights and the thing i really hate about them is lack of convenience when it comes to recharging… besides other stuff, i fell like the constant screwing and unscrewing of the head shaved off a good gram of aluminum already from threads, i hate being dependent on external chargers, i hate swapping for regular AAs that give me half the power and runtime, i hate the idea of carrying extra 3,7V cells, i hate the fact that everyone around me is intrigued by the TS10’s size to performance ratio and i wanna buy it to them on birthday but they lose the interest shortly after they ask me how do i recharge it…

Their loss… :japanese_ogre:

I mean, how lazy have we become? USB rechargeable lights are a recent phenomenon. What did we do for all of those years ??
Unscrewed and replaced cells ? Yup.

Some light is better than no light, Yes?

Hyperbole, Right? Possibly I could recommend some good lube… :wink:

that’s the part about sayin “in my experience in 2023”

here i’m talking about EDC usage of things you have to constantly recharge, not about preparing yourself for occasional emergencies… again my approach is more practical than theoretical here and i’m saying this as a decade long prepper: some things sound very logical and rational in your head
but they are furthest thing from practical… living every day on “extra AA cells all around” mentality instead of taking a bigger flashlight is like taking a flint n’ steel for camping instead of a lighter… one might be more reliable but the other is just incomparably more convenient isn’t it?

I’d like to have one light that’s likely to work when all else fails. I’ll probably be able to source a phone charger and/or a horrible old AA primary somewhere, when in a pickle. One that could sit in the emergency kit with a low self discharge Eneloop in it, a spare vacuum-packed besides it.

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oh and @ravasmathias ahoj, welcome!

TS10 is my favorite flashlight and as i said already i carry it on me and use it 24/7 - which is something i believe most of those who do the same, have the same issue about the convenience of recharging as i do… i don’t believe i’m someone so extra lazy to be an outlier with this problem and also the second problem is the low gift-ability to the noobs that are constantly interested in it every time i turn it on…