【Wurkkos HD10 update】Design together Wurkkos AA/14500 Light/headlamp-trail production test~

i have to learn how to use those cutouts/citations… so efficient!

my problem with gifting someone such flashlight wouldn’t be necessarily about price point (as long as it’s below 50€) but rather with inconvenience around changing batteries and the fact they will provide them with what… a 1/3 to 1/2 of the output with a steep decline and short life of the battery… i mean at that point a usb rechargeable 14500 cell is much better option to constantly buying and swapping AAs

trust me i’ve heard so many arguments for aa batteries, i came up with so many theoretical scenarios myself on top of that but every single one just perished in practice against rechargeable host (that doesn’t have flawed flap design/quality)

yeah i guess i am an enthusiast now lol but compared to actual enthusiasts out here i’m more like a passionate practical user…

so i guess making a good enough usb cover takes some extra testing and development hours with physical prototypes and after that it should be optimal… something to master over time

Thanks! :champagne:

If you’re on android (I’m sure other devices similar), just highlight the text you want to quote. A small “Quote” button will appear and you just tap it and it’ll make the quote for you.

Perhaps I just have less trust in people than most, as lightbringer says about designing better idiots, I don’t trust people I know with unsealed lithium cells. They’d either try to charge alkalines (which is easy to stop with the low voltage protection), or they’d take this “handy, charged AA sized battery” and stick it in something not designed for lithium (probably the TV remote, along side a crusty alkaline)…

I do get what you’re saying, but for me external charging not too burdensome (not to mention, easier to monitor if problems occur).

Please make it so the optic retaining ring is threaded and has notches for a tool, and is not just press-fit.

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oh nice, thanks a lot!

i got to understand the point of counting on creative idiots as i studied programming and app/web design but there is always a cost-benefit analysis and it’s easy to fall into the mode of cutting all the sharp edges until you have a child-safe circle but then you have to realize you wanted to sell squares to adults anyways…

what i’m saying is that i’d rather sell it with usb charging, extremely conservative IP20 certification, prohibition of use of AA batteries, “keep out of children’s reach” logo and what not, to protect myself from getting sued by a creative idiot instead of selling something completely safe and mediocre…

also when you gift it to someone you always brief him with do’s and don’ts as an experienced user

Not sure I follow your analysis here. AA multi-chem compatibility is a great selling point for most consumers, not just “enthusiasts”. USB chargeability is great if you’re static to a power source or carry an external PS everywhere you go, but it’s not necessarily ‘mainstream’ for all consumers. I carry spare cells for my lights and do not find it inconvenient at all, in fact I prefer it. Run times are relatively short in this size light, no? Much easier to stuff a fresh cell in and rock on as opposed to plugging into a charger and waiting another hour + to get back into action.

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my experience in last decade is that:

  1. everyone has a phone charger with him or at least an access to a phone charger everywhere he goes and many times power banks too if not any accessible outlets (rarely)

  2. nobody carries spare AA batteries in their pockets

  3. everybody buys everything, that they’re not passionate about, with convenience, simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance as priorities when choosing a product
    … it’s much simpler open a flap and use your phone charger to achieve the same effect as constantly buying, holding on to in meantime and physically swapping new batteries that produce a third to half of the performance and runtime of 14500 cells

  4. most flashlight buyers are not enthusiasts

  5. small high power flashlights like TS10 are only suited to be EDC pocket lights which naturally results in their owners (just like) me having to recharge them basically every day so the convenience of that procedure starts to be much more important than recharging a full size thrower you use once a month so when the convenience of recharging starts to be a concern even for enthusiasts, can you imagine a noob user willing to struggle with it?

if you carry extra 3,7V cells for swapping it’s fine but that doesn’t support the need for dual source to be a priority over usb recharging, does it?

and anyways if you’re not confident that a fully charged flashlight will sustain you a whole day, it’s an indicator of your need for a bigger flashlight that would likely not be heavier than the small one with those extra batteries you carry isn’t it?

as i said earlier, every argument for dual fuel against usb-c host i’ve ever heard can be dismantled in 2023… it’s more convenient since you have one charger for all your electronics you carry every day already and if you’re not confident with the runtime of your flashlight, it’s a specific use case for bigger flashlight at that point or just pack a spare 3,7V cell

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I’ve had a great experience with my FC13 port cover. Over 6 months and it stays firmly in place (hasn’t popped once) and I’m pretty much it’s at least splash (perhaps even submersion) resistant.

Just for the record, I’m OK with it having no USB port.

Another thing people are forgetting - with built in USB C charging, the light can still operate while the battery is charging.

For example, idk how often y’all stay at hotels but the lighting is mediocre at best unless you pay big bucks. I love plugging in a warm CCT light before bed, putting it on a low output level (maybe even candle mode) and activating a 10-30min sunset timer.

Also allows the thing to be used as an always-on emergency light if you’re in an area with bad power or storms - turn the light on low and plug it in. Power goes out? It’s still on and you can see your way to it.

Etc etc

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The flashlight was interesting in its initial conception, with double LEDs, throw and floodlight, and integrated USB charging. What it has become in the end does not interest me at all.

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It takes up so much space tho

or, swap out the battery and you’re good to go again straight away. Put the other one in a charger to be ready as a backup. I do this wherever I am; travelling, walking, at home.

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Not so much about preventing Chinese companies getting sued (good luck), more about friends/family members getting injured from ignorance.

I guess one could use some of thread lock to discourage the end user opening the light to “borrow” the AA sized cell…

The question really is who is Sofirn designing this thing for? Us light nerds or general public?

Please look at Skilhunt H150 - it has almost everything as mentioned here: dual fuel, built in charging (magnetic), lightweight with magnetic cap (33g) , Nichia 519A. It only lacks Anduril. Bonus is great headstrap with quick mount.
I’d sumed all points and ordered one :smiley: but if HD10 will be nice I’ll order one because I like Wurkkos lights.

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Magcharging is handy and simple, as long as the exposed rings DON’T make a direct connection to the cell.

Only problem is, lose the charger and you now got a light that needs external cell charging. Ask me how I know…

And most of those chargers are “4.2V” chargers, ie, they have the CC/CV circuit in the charger itself, and are not 5V chargers like usb sources, so sometimes they just crowbar the contacts directly across the cell itself. Not Good if you stick the light in a pocket with lots of loose change and keys.

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Right, this are good points!
I’ll let it try, because there not many this 14500 lights with charging and for me this is just good compromise. The major thing which lacks for me is Anduril but other parts made it up.

PS. I don’t ask how you lost mag charger :wink:

I don’t see how swapping out a battery allows the light to stay on constantly without needing to touch it

You say you travel that way, via air in USA? Because TSA has given me smoke over spare lithium batteries

But was it white smoke, or black smoke? :grin:

Seriously, next time they try and be cute, show them their own rules: What Can I Bring? All | Transportation Security Administration.

In summary, you can bring an unspecified number of Li-ion batteries in your carry-on luggage, each one up to 100Wh (a 14500 battery is 5Wh maximum, so even if the limit of 100Wh were for all batteries, you’d be able to carry 20 of them, which I think ought to be enough for most trips).

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Bruh, I definitely will, thanks for sharing this

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