NEW--DQG Hobi 10180 Titanium Alloy Flashlight

I initially have problems as well with selecting a shipping option as well. Try updating your shipping address, before submitting the order. See if that helps?

I was about to purchase a DQG Hobi and found that this item is currently out of stock :frowning:
I hope there will be another run or update.

Mine too suffered the dreaded O-ring Shred Syndrome (OSS). I used 1500 grit sand paper and finally a round ceramic knife sharpening rod to smooth out the sharp edges on the barrel of mine. This along with gobs of nyogel, helped to lesson the symptoms of my OSS dramatically.

I also started using this combo on all the sharp edges of my other Ti lights. Another light this works well on is the Veleno Designs Quantum D2. It too has some sharp edges. If you wear D2 around your neck and you are a manly man with chest hair, it can snag your hair. Or it can catch your clothing to causing a fabric pull. That is the last thing you want happening when you are wearing your favorite Justin Bieber T-Shirt! Seriously, the round part of the ceramic rod fits nicely in the grooves and really smooths things out.

I still would like to replace my old Lummi Wee but I guess since Rick is never going to respond to this thread my wish is just wishful thinking. Oh well. Life goes on.