NEW--DQG Hobi 10180 Titanium Alloy Flashlight

DQG Hobi 10180

Material: Titanium Alloy / SS / Brass
Emitter: CREE XP-G2 R5 1A CW / 4C NW
Battery: 1x 10180 Li-ion (included)
Mode: Low (20mA)>High (300mA)
Brightness: 200Lumens on High; 10Lumens on Low
Runtime: 10-15 minutes on High ; 4-5 hours on Low
Switch: Head Rotate switch; Tighten for on; Loose for Off

Brass version / Stainless Steel version and Titanium Version for optional

Dimension: 31mmx13mm
Netweigt: 6 gram

Product Link:

Extension Tube on the Left; With 1 extension, DQG Hobi can only work with 1x 10180 battery.

The Waterproof extension body can be used as waterproof cabin

With 2 extensions, DQG Hobi can work with 10440 button-top 10440

Its not clear what the purpose of the Extension Tube is. It will not fit a 10440?

What is the extension piece forrrrrrrrr

From CNQ web store:
“The Waterproof extension body can be used as waterproof cabin”

Just a guess but it sounds like it is just to be used as a pill box (waterproof cabin). I am curious too. Neat looking little light.


With 2 extensions will it work with 10440?

They say:
“Extension Tube on the Left; DQG Hobi can only work with 1x 10180 battery.

edit and now they say:
“With 2 extension tubes it can work with button-top 10440 ”

With 2 extension tubes it can work with button-top 10440


Nice little light, especially in brass :-)

So does this have a TIR optic?

Can Low be set at 50mA instead of 20mA?

I would also like to know if this light has a TIR optic and a tighter beam? Are the heads interchangeable with DQG spy?

So without any extension it will take a 10180, two extensions 10440… then what is a single extension for?

It does seem to use a TIR optic, because the spy is all flood.

Is this ready for shipping yet? I have yet to find any user reports. Interested to know if there is any difference in build quality and finish between the various metal types (e.g. smoothness of threads, etc.)

It would be cool if we could buy these extension pieces separately, for those of us who already own the spy or brass fairy. I think the knurling suits the spy better.

It looks better than DQG SPY, IMHO.

I have two questions:

1. Will there any copper edition?
2. Any slot for tritium?


To clarify:

DQG Hobi can be dissambled into 3 parts. See below picture.

When you need to charge 10180 cell in DQG Hobi, please took away the middle body, and screw in the DQG Charger adapter .

DQG Charger kit


How can one complete the purchase process when they can’t pick a shipping method after logging in?
Hitting submit order just generates a select shipping popup.
Adding a pair of the $1 “post” to obtain a tracking # does nothing.

Why should someone have to log in anyway to buy something when they wish to use paypal like they do at any of your competitors websites?

Still waiting for a yes or no answer to the question I asked in this thread more than two months ago. (post # 9)
I would imagine that a number of forum members would like to know as the Hobi looks like a nice replacement for those who still have an old Lummi Wee.

I’ve had problems buying too. Add to cart doesn’t seem to work on my Windows 8rt laptop but does on my android phone.

To complete the shipping bit of checkout I had to pay without logging in and basically leave the shipping form blank and put the shipping address in the comments box. The checkout does not like UK postcodes. Basically it’s a lot of messing around.

It seems like this will have the same problem with the spy, it shreds o-rings. Since the receptor thread are much longer, the o-ring will get stuck if it gets over tighten on any of the sides… I’m very happy with my spy but I wish it wasn’t all flood, and because the oring issue now the head can get loose and turn on by itself sometimes.

Twisty stuff from cnq, no more for me, after the 18650 tiny II ate orings like there is no tomorrow.