New dropin's from Intl-outdoor

These showed up today on the website. I bought a few of the 1st gen none have failed yet. Also bumped up from 2.8 amps to 3.04 amps.

Thanks for the heads up. Just checked yesterday and it wasn’t there.
After I bought the last gen with the 3 mode XML U3 NANGJ driver, I really liked it.
The cost does not differ much from making our own DIY P60 and the quality was good on my copy.
I emailed Hank and he told me to watch out.
Think this was what he referred to. The XM-L2 with the QLITE driver.

Just ordered 2 of them…

I wonder if the LED is on a Noctigon…

Thanks for sharing .

These look nice .

This + l2m = XM-L2 for $26?

Should be every new members first light

Says star is aluminum in ad…………so probably not noctigon.

OMG this is exactly what I wanted. I knew waiting would pay off.

Thanks for the tip! I just picked up a couple of these.


tivo, that’s a good option for the DIYer, and you can go with a different emitter as well. Having the Noctigon star in there for $5 less is nice.
I’d probably pick the QLite driver over a standard NANJG though; I’m addicted to moonlight modes :smiley:

That high CRI model in 4 mode soumds sweet!

I’m having trouble picking between NW and WW (80 CRI min).

Maybe I should just get them all… :love:

Yes you should. Better still. Get all 3 options. :bigsmile:

i wonder why he would not of had the noctigon put in this? youd think he would be pushin them

yeah precisely my thought

So, this is the same one I reviewed not too long ago except with a Qlite driver instead of the Nanjg? I called it an XM-L2 even though IO did not in their description at the time, because I was certain it was. Hopefully I was (am) right.

Mine pulls a dead steady 2.90 amps on high no matter what battery I use. Correction, I haven't tried my new Panasonic PDs yet . . .


I don’t buy anymore Nanjg as my DIY driver works! I can program any modes and groups including moonlight.
I read another mode from PPtk’s thread which I like and will add it too:

3 Seconds Off, 20mS On, 20mS Off, 20mS On, 20mS Off, 20mS On, Repeat


Xml has visible lines across the emitter and has a green base, xml2 is just solid phosphor and has a silver base.

I am suspecting that this could be the next Foy Approved ALXM module.
Even though you just bought some of NANGJ version. I am thinking this could top it in performance…