New!!! Eagletac TX25c2

light looks nice, hopefully price drops though

That light looks awesome!

looks nice!, I wonder if it has a lockout feature to not activate accidentally in pocket or backpack…

I like the UI, quite simliar to the SWM C20C and then some. Hope it has the same lockout feature as the C20C, quick click followed by a long click, same to unlock.

It’s not like the C20C at all. The UI involves head twisting which complicates operation, unlike the simplicity of the C20C.

I agree, I said quite simliar and then some. The different modes with head twisting is the then some, it is confusing.

I was pretty interested when I first saw it, but the head twisting makes the side switch just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

I watched this vid SX25L2 I assume it’s the same UI for TX25C2 and you’re right it’s nothing like the C20C, I thought you change modes by clicking, you have to twist to change, no likey.

Looks awesome, and I want it. I am however getting tired of XML. I have an assortment of XML lights now, and to be honest, the neutral xml isn’t that great. I prefer the new XPG 2 neutral, it has a nice red tint in low modes, opposed to the green you’ll find in low modes of a neutral xml……If only they outfitted this new light with a different LED.

Ok, i think this will make a great work light :slight_smile:

i'm glad to hear that I've been wrestling with having almost never seen an xml with a decent tint ..

I've seen about 40 xml's the majority of them cw ..maybe only 5 or so neutral ....never seen a neutral xml i'd ever say I loved .. Almost 100% opposite with xpg ..I seem to love them all ..i have 2 or 3 different xml tint s coming soon so don't hold me top this general hatered of them ..but we're about to possibly slam the door on funky xml leds ...

If I were offered 5 xpg neutral emitters all in different tint bins ...VS. 15 neutral xmls ...I'd take the xpg's

tint snob/Boaz


HAH, So it’s not just me. Good to hear that my eyes are working correctly.

Sweet light. How many Christmas pressies can I legitimately buy myself?

Looks like a nice addition to the “want” list!

There are a ton of lights I would of bought by now, but I’m a tint snob. I wish more people would demand better tint.

The XPG S2 Neutral is awesome. No one is offering it. Hopefully Eagletac will.

There are neutral xp-g s2’s? :open_mouth: …even neutral R5’s are pretty rare.

Sorry, I meant XPG G2 neutral.

Actually I think it’s a great sounding UI and mostly because:

“Twist the head to select between four output brightness levels. You can pre-select the desired output level before turning on the flashlight.”

Knowing what output the light is on before you active it is priceless IMO and brilliant feature.

I really like that it seems to be compatible with the ET flip-up-diffuser, according to this
I think more manufacturers should offer something like this!
BUT: the modes a quite awkward: I mean, 1030-795-490-8 led lumen… :expressionless: are you kidding me?