New fenix E16, only 51 mm and automobile ultraflat lens

In Battery Junction website.

Very expensive, only 51 mm, interesting, the new lens perhaps will be a new paradigm?

And…¡Neutral white!

What is battery junction charging? Fenix has it listed at $39.95, which sounds reasonable to me.

E16R also looks interesting

Video HERE

Fresnel lens? Good idea, but not a revolution of any kind. How much can it save, 2 mm?
ADDED: On the Fenix site there are better pictures. It’s not a Fresnel but TIR.

Looks good. Only problem is how to turn on-off is close to strobe.

Can anyone explain to me how does such flat lens work? Surely looks like some TIR, but the angles just don’t seem right…
ADDED: I see in the decription that it’s “Coated with Al+UV”. So maybe it’s a hybrid reflector?
Gaggione LLR07M looks somewhat similar (though it’s a bit larger):
Still not quite so flat though….

Threads about new flashlights without a picture are annoying.

Looks nice, especially the side-clicky, but for half the price, I think I’ll still stick with my Jet-II. :slight_smile:

500lm vs 700lm, ~50mm vs ~70mm(?)… dunno.

For me at least, smaller just means easier to lose. :facepalm:

Thanks for posting. I’ve run out of my EDC BLF-348 stock, so I’m looking for replacements.

I really want this one, and it’s out of stock already…. =(

- Clemence


I agree.
It seems to be a trend lately, to post topics without pics…

Luckily it was not topics without topics

- Clemence

or no topic and not on BLF

Like those “deleted” posts

some basic info compared:
Olight S1 Mini High CRI: 54mm x 21mm, lowest mode is 0.5 lumens
Fenix E16: 51mm x 21mm, lowest mode is 3 lumens

both lights have tail magnets, both have clips that work on a hat, both have strobe, both have electronic lockout option, both have last mode memory

Fenix has XP-L Hi Neutral White option, Olight has XP-G3 High CRI option @5500k

both have Low Voltage warning
Fenix: When the voltage level drops below the preset level, the flashlight is programmed to downshift to a lower brightness level until Low output is reached. When this happens in Low output mode, the flashlight blinks three times every five minutes to remind you to replace the battery
Olight has a red led that turns on in the middle of the power button, as a low battery indicator. Olight does not step down to moonlight on Low battery, it will still work on other modes until battery protection is tripped.

both Fenix E16 and Olight S1 Mini weigh the same 22 grams empty.

The bezel is not removable on the Olight (no lip, it is inset into the body, removal is destructive), so LED swap is unlikely.

The Fenix UI is hold for ON, Hold for Off, click to advance modes, strobe is press hold for 1.5 seconds
The Olight UI is Click ON, Click Off, hold to advance modes, strobe is triple click

I prefer the Olight UI, I prefer that the Olight has a Lower Low. The Olight costs $10 more than the Fenix, which costs $40. (Olight can sometimes be had for 20-30% off, PM me for details)

If the Fenix can be modded to Nichia, that is a big advantage. I also like that the Fenix tailcap allows connecting a keyring.

Thanks for the always useful comparison jon_slider!!
I guess the Olight won me over the Fenix in the UI and the lowest mode, mostly! Not that I’ll buy it, but I guess it is quite better on those aspects!

Still, it is quite good to see that now all the manufacturers are (only) on “the biggest, the brightest, the better”! These small lights are very handy and seem to be quite well made!

Thanks for sharing :THUMBS-UP:

If the Fenix can be modded to Nichia, that would be a Huge advantage over the Olight S1 Mini
added the Fenix to the 16340 comparison chart here

They haven’t been released yet. Fenix Stores says not until end of Sept, beginning of Oct.

Fenixlighting Store says “Due to high demand, this product’s initial inventory is sold out. The next available inventory won’t be available until Mid-October.”
So they sold out of the first run they had.
Unless they run some kind of coupon code or GB (a deal I just can’t refuse), I think I still prefer the Olight.

Thats Fenixlighting. FenixStore, says release date is Sept. 28th and is still taking pre-orders. I haven’t heard anyone getting one, and don’t think theres been a first run released yet. Fenixlighting may have sold out their pre-sale Sept. allocation.