New: Fenix E41 (4xAA) and E99 (AAA) September 2014

I just discovered the E41 and couldn’t resist it. Thinking Eneloops will hold a charge and not be likely to leak, might make a really nice gift if nothing else. At any rate, I’ll see in a few days. :slight_smile:

That cross section picture is what got me. Couldn’t pass it up.



If you want a 2 x AA light i would recommended the ThruNite Archer 2A V2 NW for $29.95 from i have bought 3 of these sofar and plan on acouple more come payday. Including delivery to the uk the cost was $33.90 USD fulfilled by amazon.


- Modes & Run-time on 2500mAh batteries: Firefly:0.11lumens(672 hours); Low:15lumens(96 hours); Medium:69lumens(11 hours); High:430lumens(100 minutes); Strobe:430lumens(140 minutes).

But the Ti AAA flashlight discontinued before I knew this product

I think reestock Thunite Ti on hkequipment.

I personally will not buy any Fenix product with a UI that includes a turbo mode that requires holding down a button to access.

I hear ya Rich, but for a 7 year old it’s ideal. He can have WOW! brightness and not be in danger of walking off and leaving it running on Turbo til it melts. AND it uses the safer NiMH cells. Win Win for gifting or allowing a child to use.

I agree with Richwouldnt about the UI and the single switch is a step backward that screams bean counter design interferance to me i love my Fenix lights or should say loved, there seems to have been a change in the culture of the company and there target market.

Of late ThruNite has been getting my flashight budget money, the last Fenix i bought was the original PD35, sorry Fenix but you lost focus on usable lights for the lure of the how bright can i make this POS with no real thought for the normal user.

DBCstm I would avoid giving the light to kids the little shits will delight in blinding each other till they are blind.

Fenix E99 TI was shipped today:

Previously was specified shipping date on October 1.

Can’t believe I missed this :person_facepalming:

I have also received E99s shipping notice today.
Thanks for the info, this will be my second fenix light.

when did you placed your order?

Sep 27, seen back ordered at first.

Today I have received the light. No problems.
added pictures to an other thread link

I haven’t received my E99 TI yet. Someone else has already received?

Ordered september 11th. Mailman rang my doorbell oktober 4th. Total time 23 days, which is average for BangGood.