New: Fenix E41 (4xAA) and E99 (AAA) September 2014

nice to see yet another 4AA light on the market. And I like its very simple design

and a Ti AAA light

the E99

E41 is on my wish list now :bigsmile:

I think EA41 has better modes.

Im a bit surprised they claim 4hours on high with Alkaline, and 2 hours with Nimh.

but nevertheless, it looks nice!

EA41 runtime on high (400 lumens):
Alkalines 4 hours 15 min
Ni-Mh 2 hours 30 min

Hmm… can that be right? I would have thought that on high the nubers would be the other way around. And pretty big difference too.

E99 Ti seems pretty nice, only missing the hidden blinky modes.

fenix is a little late to the 4aa party - but i am interested nonetheless to see if they can beat the d40a nw for best 4aa light

looks like another light to send off to CK for his PIC driver. hehe

I assume they won`t beat it in terms of quality.. but I think the price will be lower.... I thought the E series of Fenix stand for Economy?

I would have hoped other flashlight manufacturers would have learned from the F40’s success with the lock-out switch, but the mode spacing looks good. Pricing will be the clincher.

For the run times remember that per ANSI they are to 10% of 30 second level output. Alkalines droop quickly but hold on longer at lower output while NiMH maintain high current and light brightness much longer then hit a cliff and drop off fast.

One reason I think that the ANSI run time measurements are DUMB as most people are going to replace alkalines as dead long before they reach the 10% light level in a flashlight.

They might be late to the show, but lets see what they price at. Lets hope for reasonable prices and none of the $75.00 plus prices…

I’d rather get the EA41.

how long can the E41 run in the "Burst" mode?

Is the button recessed, flush with the body, or protruding?

That’s where they lost me as a customer on this one.

You hold the button down for 1.2 seconds and it goes into burst and only runs as long as you hold the button, when releases it is out of burst.
Which would mean you cannot set it down on burst, That sucks.

So now you really have a light that only can run on high at 400 lumens continuously.
Sunwayman D40A will run at 550 lumens and will still run on turbo at 980 for 3 minutes with auto-step down.
They remain the king of the small soda can style 4 AA lights.


That looks reversed the runtime figures to me, my LD41’s uses Cree XM-L (U2) LED give 520 lumen for 2hr 10mins on Eneloop XX pros and 1hr 20min on Procell’s.

I will point out the 680 lumens version of the LD41 also using the Cree XM-L2 (U2) LED has a runtime of 1hr 15min with 4 x 2500mah Ni-MH, only differance between the 2 versions is the caddie, the white caddie is 680 lumens version, the clear caddie is the 520 lumens version. Only differance is the control circuit so if you want to upgrade cheap just source a white caddie.

I am a Fenix tart but i’ll pass on this and stick to D40A for the moment in that format as i really prefer the 2 button layout of the D40a and LD41.



Burst, eh? They didn’t call it Turbo.

Will the light “burst” if you hold the button down too long? :bigsmile: Or is it a time-limited burst? Three minutes, perhaps?

Or is it like a game of chicken…you hold the button down until it burns your hand. The cross section of the light looks like the entire body is a heat sink, with just a cap on the bottom for replacing the batteries.

I know, the burst is just for short periods, and not even listed as a brightness level, but the first review will be interesting.

How can they beat the Sunwayman who has a moonlight mode? Fenix does not do moonlight!

I was thinking of picking up the newer version of the Fenix E25 :

.....until I read that it too will only run in burst mode while the button is held down ...otherwise it looks like a nice little 2xAA for $36. This seem to be a common denominator in the newer Fenix E Series lights.

Seriously, for $36 excluding shipping, the fenix e25 is such a poor poor choice. I’d rather get the new thrunite for $55 including shipping.