New Fenix TK61 looks like a nice thrower - available in CW and NW

I don’t know, if many people notice it, but Fenix presents a new flashlight. TK61. It is a thrower, looks like the Fenix TK75 (but the TK61 is a little bit bigger), is available in CW and NW.
CW version 170000 cd distance 824 meters, NW version 160000 cd distance 800 meters.

More information (in chinese):

It’s not a budgetlight, but the TK51, 75, 76 aren’t, too. Price in Europe: Round about 155€, US $210

Beamshots of the TK75, 76, 61 CW, 61NW:

Only the beam: TK75, TK76, TK61CW, TK61 NW

I was wondering when they would come out with something like this. Thanks for sharing.
Gotta love that TK75. Looking at those beamshots makes me want to grab mine and look for a open field. LOL

Why T6 instead of U2? I like the Thrunite TN-32 better, but this may be better if using in a dirty environment.

Its got some peg [170000cd]- since getting the tk75 xml2 i have been very impressed with with its throw and massive brightness and overall supreme quality. But ive been looking at good throwers like the niwalker vostro or tn31 to do my first mod to. I have ordered some noctigon xml2 u2 1d leds which i now think i will save for my next purchase- the fenix tk61. Just from the beamshots the tk61 looks very impressive, but with a dedomed led and noctigon copper star in its large reflector, it has my interest.

I hope there will be TK61s or TK62 or … for MT-G2?

Funny that, there was me thinking out loud, “Why T5 instead of T4”!

interesting light - probably overpriced though imo

ive never owned a fenix, but i imagine someday i will :slight_smile:

I still like my TN-31 better

For $160, minus 8% for BLF code here: This light has a very wide reflector, so between de-doming and resistor modding, should do better than a TN31/32 I would think? Also like the idea it takes 4 cells, and is compatible to the TK75 extender. All depends if the resistor modding can take it to high levels of 5.5A and above I suppose (would like it to be at 6A - 7A).

Just seems like this is a better thrower than the SupKeam K50 - higher stock rated throw, cheaper, Fenix quality (same level as the TK75), wider reflector so more potential modded throw, can double up the 4 cells with the extender tube option, etc. Anything I'm missing here?

Really would like to see how moddable it is of course. There doesn't seem to be much published on opening up the Fenix lights in general, though vinh has been doing them, but not sure if anyone else has, and has published details.

Hhmm, that TK76 is one odd ball light, very specialized - dunno if they had to use strap wrench's to break the LockTite glue, like you do on standard lights like the TK75... It's a overly simplistic break-down, no details on how they got it apart, and nothing on the driver...

A lot of times manufacturers release a pre-production light for review, which doesn't have any of the glue they seem to add later -- very deceptive for us, maybe they don't consider it deceiving. Think ThruNite did that.

head is 92mm? :open_mouth: whoa… could be an awesome thrower :smiley:

Fenix store says 96mm head diam here:

…and reflector is plastic :wink:

it didn’t hurt the performance at all as in Fenix TK75 :wink:

and 4 hours of turbo mode :heart_eyes:

Yeah… my thoughts exactly :bigsmile:

The reflector is much bigger than TN31. I am getting one to see how it perform. Not sure how easy to mod Fenix light though. I wish to put dedomed XML2 with 6A current in this TK61.

new throw king possible? im loving this light

There were some people requested Vinh to offer the TK61vn, but Vinh once said that according to his experience with Fenix light it could be difficult to bring up the current above 4.5A.

Sorry I was wrong, he just did it at 5.8A.