New flashlight that can cook an egg

Whoaa… new 4100 lumens flashlight that can cook an egg! Hmm… I thought I’d seen it all :expressionless:

Its actually not so new. Produces more heat then lumens and runtime is tiny. WL is a horrible company by the way. Flashtorch from wicked laser 4100lumen halogen flashlight

Was going to say not new at all……WL is the worst company ever and its not a practical light at all. They are a company for uneducated fanboys who think buying lasers for 3x the cost of similar products is cool. That thing does nothing but produce heat and use a technology from the early 1900s (if not even the late 1800s)

Yes that is the “revamped” model of their earlier light but its been around for a good 3-4 years

EDIT: Sorry its been around even longer than I expected……I found a review from 2008

That’s not an LED flashlight, it’s a 100W incan, originally developed my Chris MacClellan many years ago as a Maglite mod. He sold them on CPF, before he got into manufacturing his own lights.

What, no bacon?

at least it probably has no Beacon, but it can probably warm up Bacon. :slight_smile:

Working in multilevel on an incan is a decent step. Seems like cheap bright LEDs have pushed their pricing down quite a bit from older variants years ago as well. It’s still unique and not badly priced for the output (if you can deal with tiny runtime.) Turning the massive inefficiency in to a selling point (“fry an egg”) is just normal marketing BS.

What would really worry me is…
The specs on their page make it sound like 4 Li-ion in serial in the battery pack with a runtime of 10 min on high; they are pulling 6C from the cells and recharging in serial. Maybe they used IMR cells for the pack. If not I would worry about beating them that hard and serial connection. Fry and egg and tenderize meat when it goes boom.:open_mouth:


It’s not (milli)amperes PER hour, but (milli)amperes TIMES hour, i.e. multiplying, not dividing…
mAh not mA/h

just sayin’…

That, and the obvious communication error between engineering and sales regarding the size of the battery.